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Fixed action Pattern

Species specific
largely unlearned (inherited)
an example that FAP is stereotyped
spider cupienniuns salei: building nest made of silk from silk glands.Constructed stereotyped stages. (Baseplate->cup->lay eggs ->cover eggs and seal.
-always use 6400 spinning movements

1. after baseplate finished, a spider moved by experimenter to new spot->spider does not make a new baseplate removed from silk glands->spider still perform 6400movements even thought nothing is being produced

-Single large FAP built into the spider's generic structure
"plan of attack" to study inherited behavior patterns
1.make ethogram (descrition of behavior)
2.sort out inherited from learned from taxis
3.characterize stimuli involved in traggering FAP
4.determine the role of "internal state" (developmental or motivational)
Deprivation experiment

-require releasers

1.Shrikes and wasps: correct, complete FAP for wasp capture and sting removal
2.Squirrels and nuts:Naive squirrels "buried" nuts on the wire floor of their cages without prior experience
3.Egg retrieval by greylaf geese. Movement completed even without egg
Examples of releasers
-flickers: males recognize females by lack of "mustache" marks
-beavers; repair breaks in their damn. Triggered by the sound of running water
-brooding, chicken and turkey:maternal behavior released by the peeping sounds made by the chicks