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The most common chronic pediatric disease in early childhood is:
A psychologist gives Leslie a test tha shows that his ability to solve problems is much above average. This means that most lay people would consider Leslie to have a superior level of:
Which of the following best conveys the meaning of Piaget's concept of conservation?
The quantity ro amount of something remains the same even if its shape or position changes.
According to Piaget, preoperational children cannot mentally regain the original state once they have carried out an entire operaion. Piage tpoints ou that these children fail to appreciate the operations are:
A lack of awareness that there are viewpoints other than one's own best defines:
According to Piaget what is a foundation of moral social interchange in children?
Accroding to Kohlberg, preschoolers are in what stage of moral development?
When preschooler children play near others but engage in a solitary activity developmental psychologists describe them as being involved in what type of play?
Parallel Play
Of the following which best defines the self?
A system of concepts that people use to define who they are
The conceptions that people have of themselves as being male or female are termed:
Gender Identitites
Uncle Marat plans to make sure that his infant nephew learns the knowledge and skills necessary to do well in society. Marat is trying to make sure his nephew experiences:
"Turn off the TV when you're ready to go to bed. Let me know what you want to wear to school tomorrow so I can have it ready for you." This kind of parenting would most lekely be considered?
Dave and April raise their son Homer to do exactly what the ytell him. Diana Baumrind would most likely consider this an example of which kind of parenting?
Your text reviews the research of Diana Baumrind on white middle-class children, Baumrind found that the children who were the most self-controlled, self-reliant, and explorative had parents who were:
Seuppose that a psychologist wants to investigate the effects of divorce on children. In locating the children of 100 recently divorced parents, he or she will find that most of them live with their:
According to your text, individuals who are the same age are defined as:
All of the following are true about a theory except:
It proves that events happen for the stated reasons
Which of the following theories focuses that most on the role of the unconscious in affection our behavior?
Freud's psychologist stage theory
Joe's mother tires to wean him from breast feeding much earlier htan recommended. Later in life, Joe smokes a pipe and is very talkative. His behavior could be said to illustrate a fixation at which Freudian psychosexual stage?
Which of the following is the correct sequences of Freud's psychosexual stages, from birth to maturity?
Oral, anal, Phallic, latency, genital
Barry is jealous of the time his Mom spends with his Dad and his brother. Barry would prefer to have his mother all to himself. Accoding to Freud's pyschosexual thoery, his behavior indicates he most likely is in which stage?
Eric Erikson terms his development tasks:
Psychosocial stages
According to Erikson during the young adult years of crisis of _____ provides a source of growth, strength, and commitment as it is resolved.
Erikson’s wife Joan added a ninth stage of Erikson’s theory after his death : a stage she saw him experience. The positive resolution of this ninth stage is:
Faith and hope
Behavioral theory is also termed:
Learning theory
Which giant of twentieth-century psychology focused on changes in children’s modes of thought?
Central to Piaget’s work is the notion that there are sequential periods in the growth of maturation in a individual’s ability to think. These sequential periods are termed:
Cognitive stages of development
Assimilation and accommodation are complementary processes which together allow individual to:
Adapt to the world
According to Piaget, the balance between assimilation or accommodation is called:
One of the most prominent names associated with sociocultural theory is:
Henry’s personality has become more introverted as he has grown older. The changes in Henry’s personality illustrate the text’s definition of:
Emotional-social development
A change in mental activity is part of:
Cognitive development
The more or less automatic unfolding of biological potential in a set, irreversible sequence is known as:
The microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and Microsystems are concepts from which developmental theory?
A psychologist is studying the link between a mother’s intelligence and the intelligence of her children. The statement “If the mother has above-normal intelligence, then the child will have above-normal intelligence” would be:
A hypothesis
As her son Robert grows older, Jamie is particularly fascinated with his ability to think more abstractly and logically. The changes n Robert’s thinking patterns illustrate which kind of development?
The orderly and sequential changes that occur over the life span best characterize your text’s definition of :
Lois reads about an investigation where the same people are studied at regular intervals from birth until age 30. This study best illustrates which of the following research methods?
Longitudinal method
Of the following, which is an advantage of longitudinal research?
A more accurate picture of continuity of development is obtained
The factor a psychologist varies in an experimental situation is called the:
Independent variable
A study is conducted to determine the effect of rewards on children’s problem-solving skills. The measure of the problem-solving skills would be an example of the:
Dependent variable
The control group is a necessary part of which of the following research methods?
Which of the following is NOT true of the control group in an experiment?
It is composed of fewer subjects
Dr. Salmon is interested in how women feel about breast feeding their children. She mails out a questionnaire to a group of women who have recently given birth and asks them to fill it out and return it to her. Dr. Salmon’s use of a questionnaire is closest to what research method?
Social survey
A major drawback of the case-study method is that:
The approach affords little basis for systematically comparing people
Dr. Mallow maintains a file of notes on each of the patients that she sees. This is most similar to which research method?
Case study
Which research method does the case study approach most resemble?
A psychologist becomes interested in the behavior of a young child who was kept locked in a closet by her parents until they were arrested by the police for child abuse. He follows her behavior through adolescence to determine the effect of her early abuse on later learning. The psychologist’s investigation is closest to which research method?
Case study
In which research method do investigators compare the data from various societies?
Cross-cultural method
Testosterone is primarily produced by the:
In the male reproductive system, the pouch like structure that holds the reproductive organs is the:
The cervix is the:
Narrow lower end of the uterus
When a male sperm joins with a female egg, the result is a
In the female reproductive system, the pear-shaped, hollow, thick-walled organ where balstocyst becomes implanted is the:
The oviduct is also called the:
Fallopian tube
According to the text, menstruation occurs about ____ days after ovulation:
If more than one ovum matures and is released, a woman is likely to conceive:
Fraternal twins
The basic genetic blueprint of humans was accomplished in 2000 by:
Human Genome Project
The long, threadlike bodies that contain the hereditary materials found in the nuclei of all cells are called:
The sex of a child is determined by:
The father
What is the normal pattern of sex chromosomes in men?
An allele is:
One member in a pair of genes
A person's observed physcial, physiological, and behavioral traits represent his or her
THe term ectopic pregnancy is used to describe
A blastocyst which remains in the oviduct
What has been generally concluded from 3 decades of research on raising children without fathers?
The children suffer greatly
Walking unaided, on the average, happens at about:
One year
Newborns can follow objects with their eyes. This best illustrates:
The germinal period is characterized by the:
The growth of the product of conception
Which statemetn about the placenta is false?
Blood cells can diffuse across its membranes
The purpose of the placenta is to:
Exchange food and oxygen for metabolic wastes and carbon dioxide
The primitive streak that divides and embryo into left and right halves will eventually:
Becomes the spinal cord
When do the vast majority of miscarriages occur?
First 12 weeks of pregnancy
During the fetal period many pregnant women feel their fetus moving. This senstaion is called:
According to the text, during which of the following periods does the unborn baby become a viable organism?
The fine, downy, woolly fuzz that covers the fetus from about the fifth month is called:
Lanugo hair