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Our Navy uses a standard filing system for what reasons?
- freguent rotation of personnel
- saves the Navy space
- saves the navy money
What classified material does not require controlled routing?
Standard subject identification codes (SSICs) provide what standard systems throughout the navy?
the order that references appear in the reference block of a naval letter is based on what factors?
The order in which they appear in the text
Paragraphs in a naval letter should be short and contain roughtly what maximum number of sentences?
4 to 5
For and idea to gain emphasis within a sentence, where should it appear?
At the start or the end of the sentence
To save words, clarify ideas, and provide balance when you wish to express two or more equlaly important ideas in a sentence, you should use what types of sentence construction?
Parallel sentences
To make your writing more like speaking, you should use what writing techniques?
- use personal pronouns
- use everday words
- use short sentences
What writing practices is the best approach to a subject when writing a directive?
Write directly to a user
As a subordinate writing to a senior, which of the following approaches should you avoid when setting the tone of the letter?
What words hurt naval writing by stretching sentences, delaying meaning, and hiding responsibility?
It is
True/False for economy in writing, you should use as many abbreviations as possible.
CMEO is an equal opportunity management system controlled primarily at what level?
Which supervisors supports the Navy's Equal Opportunity program?
The one who relates positively and directly with all people equally
To manage and supervise people effectively, you must have what leadership skill?
The ability to listen to and understand what people have to say
To help your subordinates grow both personally and prefessionally, you must use what supervisory practices?
- provide timely feedback on performance
- provide on-the-job training
- identify their strengths and weaknesses
If a person commits an act of arbitrary discrimination, the commanding officer may take what disciplinary action?
- Assign lower evaluation marks
- Award nonjudicial punishment
- Submit a recommendation for separation