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When assigned as a preliminary inquiry officer, you will usually investigate what offenses?
The legal officer uses what part of the Manual for Courts-Martial, 1984 in preparing a report chit?
Part IV
The accused is informed of his or her rights under which article?
Articel 31(b) of the UCMJ
True/False When serving as the preliminary investigation officer, you hsould remain impartial.
What source of information provides the best facts about the accused?
Supervisros and peers of the accused
Who has the greates motive for lying or distorting the truth?
the accused, if guilty
A copy of the Ship's Organization and Regulations Manual is considered to be what type of evidence?
Documentary evidence
The preliminary investigation officer should contuct and interview with the accused at what time?
After the accused had been advised of article 31(b) of the UCMJ and makes a waiver of rights
The United States Coast Guard is assigned to the Navy at what times?
Upon declaration of war; and when directed by the president
What is the primary regulatory document of the Navy?
U.S. Navy Regulations
Chapter 8 of the U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990, applies to what people?
Commanding officers
What chapters of the U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990, outline the actions of U.S. naval forces when in the vicinity of other armend forces?
The Senior Officer Present
Which chapter in U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990, provides information on detailing officers and enlisted persons?
Precedence, Authority and Command
The articles specifically enumerated in article 137 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice should be explained to each enlisted person at what time?
After completion of six months active duty
When an enlisted person receives an order that conflicts with a previously received order, what action should the person take?
obey the last order
The department head assigns a job to a chief. The chief is busy and assigns the job to the leading petty officer (LPO). The LPO forgets about the job and goes on liberty. Who was responsible for complteting the job?
The LPO, chief, and department head
When, if ever, may a junior perosn give an order to an officer who is senior to him or her?
When the junior is an executive officer executing an order of the commanding officer
When may an officer accept money from an enlisted person?
only as a loan
A cheif petty officer loans money to another chief petty officer. What, if any, is the maximum interest arate that can be charged?
18 %
What person may inspect your record held by the Chief of Naval personnel?
You or your designated agent
Which Navy personnel are required to report all officenses to proper authority?
Officers; petty officers, and nonrated personnel
If you believe one of your personnel has a communicable disease, who should you report it to?
The command's medical representative
Normally, a person in the Navy may communicate with a member of Congress with no restrictions. However, should the service member, in an official capacity, desire congressional action of any type, he or she must
inform the Secretary of the Navy of the intention to communicate and receive the former's consent to proceed
A person may be denied the right to communicate with a member of Congress under what condition?
when the communication alleges misconduct of a superior
True/False When a request is not approved or recommended, you should state the reason on the request.
Meals served in the general mess are sampled regularly by an officer detailed by the commanding officer. What course of action should the officer take if discrepancies are discovered?
Notify the commanding officer
In what publication would you find the definition of untiy of command?
Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy
Who has the authority to assign EMI
the CO
You are required to have your ship ready to get underway in the morning. It is nearing liberty call and most of the work has not been accomplished. What administrative actions should you apply?
Extension of working hours
True/False You have a basic responsibility to recognize initiative and exemplary performance of your subordinates.
What chapter in the SORN contains organizational requirements for aviation units?
Standard unit organization
You are work center supervisor and would like to find out what your LCPO responsibilities consist of. What chapter in the SORN would provide guidance?
The unit organization
** What chapters in the SORN should the departmental duty officer review?
the unit organization and Watch organization
A person departing on leave must posses which of the following documents?
Properly validated leave papers and ID card
** Whitout proper authority, a person shall not remove what items from the regular place of stowage or location?
First-air equipment, stores and foodstuffs, hull and damage control fittings
You pass the ship's library after taps and notice some sailors playing monopoly. What action should you take?
Remind the sailors it is against regualtions to engage in games of any type after taps and unsure they quit.
True/False While in a liberty status aboard ship, you may wear civilian clothes while dining in the crew's mess.
Aboard ship mess gear is often found in the work center. By regulation, which of the following persons is/are charged with ensuring the mess gear is immediately returned to the mess decks?
The senior petty officer in charge of the space
True/False Each person is responsible for keeping his or her locker locked at all times.
Treu/False You may bring your personal camera aboard ship without first obtaining permission.
Treu/False The use of profane, obsecene, or vulgar words or gestures aboard naval units is an accepted practice and doesn't violate any regualtions.
Chapter 7 of the SORN cover what topics?
What chapter in the SORN covers guideline for establishing operational bills?
Unit Bills
What is the equal right of jurisdiction called?
Concurrent jurisdiction
True/False When a military member is tried in a U.S. court, the military will pay the attorney fees and court cost.
True/False Status of Forces Agreements only apply to active duty military personnel.
Status of Forces Agreements are a package of what agreements?
- Treaties
- Protocol agreements
- Executive agreements
What is the primary purpose of the Status of Forces Agreements?
To define the status of one's military forces stationed in another country
You are stationed aboard a ship in a foreign port. When are you exempt from prosecution by local authorities?
When you come back aboard after going on liberty; When ashore on official business
True/False Experience has shown that sentences imposed by foreign courts on U.S. service member are unusually harsh.
** What privileges are allowed, under SOFA, by special consent of the host country?
- Use of a U.S. dirver's license
- Waiver of taxes or import duty on household goods
- Entering and leaving the country on military orders
** What topics are generally coverd by SOFAs?
Freedom of troop movement; Exchange privileges
When did countries first recognize the need to develop Status of Forces Agreements?
During WWII
True/False Our Allies want us to remove our troops from Europe.