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Which complications of chronic duodenal ulcers is most common:
Which is the most common etiology of a microcytic hypochromic anemia:
Iron deficiency
Ectopic pregnancies are most likely to present clinically as:
Acute abdominal pain
Which of the following patients would be most likely to develop a transmural infarction of the bowel:
Elderly man with coronary heart disease
Hep A: Has longer incubation period than hepatities, is a common complication of blood transfusion, both, neither
In patients with acute pancreatitis which of the following conditions is most likely to be associated:
A 23 year old white female develops a fever and left flank pain associated with painful urination. Examination of the urine shows numerous white blood cells and a few white blood cell casts. The most likely diagnosis would be:
Acute pyelonephritis
Ovarian tumors which can secrete sex hormones are usually derived from:
Stromal cells
Pulmonary thromboemboli originate most often from the:
Deep leg veins
A solitary, discrete, rubbery mass in the upper ourter quadrant of the breast in a 34 year old female would most likely represent:
The most frequent site of malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract is the:
Sigmoid colon
A 26 year old white male is brought to the hospital by ambulance after having been in a motorcycle accident. Laboratory studies show a hematocrit of 24% and hemoglobin of 8 mg/dl. His anemia is most likely to be a:
microcytic anemia