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In terms of regenerative capacity, squamous epithelial cells of the skin are best classified as _____
Liable Cells
Which cell type is present in greatest number in normal circulating blood?
Energy in the form of ATP is produced in which cellular organism?
What results from right to left heart failure?
Distended neck veins
Giant cells are characteristic of which of the following
Granulomulous inflammation
Autolysis is mediated by ___
lysosomal enzymes
Which is first indicated of hypoxic cell injury?
Cell swelling
The cellular composition of granulation tissue most includes ___
Viral infections must typically activate which cell types ____
Lymphocytes that function in cell-mediated immunity are programmed in the ____
In patients with untreated systemic hypertension, the cardiac muscle fibers undergo ______
The tensile strength of a healing wound appears to be primarily a function of _____
Collagen deposition
Active inflammatory response, adhesion of white blood cells to the endothelial cells of blood vessels occurs as a result of _________
Hemoconcentration and stasis
Which would most likely be a clinical manifestation of an underlying platelet deficiency?
Cutaneous petachiae
An organ that is smaller than normal because of a developmental defect is referred to as ____
Which blood change is typically associated with acute inflammation?
Which characteristic is most associated with left-sided heart failure?
Pulmonary congestion and edema
A patient who has classic hemophilia would be expected to have which blood abnormality?
Prolonged partial thromboplastin time (PTT)
Which immunoglobulin is mostly associated with allergic reactions?
An important characteristic of apoptic cell death is the _____
lack of inflammation
Viral upper respiratory tract infections usually produce which pattern of acute inflammation?
What is the greatest influence on oncotic pressure of blood?
Plasma protein concentration
Which immunoglobulin is able to pass through the placenta?
Loss of skeletal muscle mass due to lack of nerve stimulation is called _______
Type III hypersensitivity reactions are initiated by ______
circulating antigen-antibody complexes
The sensation of warmth in inflamed tissues is due to _______
Von Willebrands disease is an inherited bleeding disorder caused by _______
coagulation factory deficiency
Infarcts tend to be hemorrhagic when they occur in the _____
Which is most likely to lead to an accumulation of water in the cytoplasm of an injured cell?
Altered permeability of plasma membrane
Which is an example of suppurative inflammation?
Pulmonary abscess
Congestion of an organ or tissue is associated with ________
venous obstruction
The insoluble protein meshwork formed during development of a thrombusis composed of ______
The immunoglobulin produced by the first response to a primary antigenic challenge is _____
Coagulation necrosis is most closely associated with which cause?
Tissue anoxia
What is the function of opsonins?
Enhance phagocytosis
What is the most common cause of significant fat embolism?
Fracture of long bones
The most common cause of delayed wound healing is _______
The most common response related to an increase in vascular permeability is an acute inflammatory response _____
HIV interferes with immunoglobulin response by infecting _______
T lymphocytes
The best morphological evidence of cell death is ________
nuclear pyknosis
The skin test for TB is based on ________
delayed hypersensitivity