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Although many factors play a role in the development of neoplasia the basic underlying mechanism that most likely relates is _____
altered genetic function
The most distinctive structural defect in pulmonary emphysema is ____
enlargement of air spaces and loss of alveolar space
Acute myocardial infarction most frequently involves the ______
anterior portion of interventricular septum and adjacent left ventricular wall
Patients with what disorder is at greatest risk of ventricular rupture?
Myocardial infarction
A teratoma is most likely to arise from where?
Most instances of lung abscesses are preceded by what?
The most feared complication of bacterial endocarditis would be ____
Septic embolization
Which features most accurately distinuishes a malignant neoplasm from a benign neoplasm?
Presence of metastases
A patient with rheumatic fever would most likely give a history of recent _____
sore throat
What is produced by hypoxemia on the basis of pulmonary perfusion deficits?
Pulmonary embolism
The fatty streak of artherosclerosis is derived from _____
blood monocytes
The pulmonary disorder associated with production and secretion of a hormone like substance is ____
small cell undifferentiated carcinoma
What is a characteristic of viral pneumonia?
interstitial lymphatic inflammation
Staging is based on ____
the overall extent of the disease
The initial precipitating event in atherosclerotic plaque formation is ______
injury to vascular endothelium
Secondary TB is known for _______
apical cavitary lesions
The most common cause of death in patients with calcific aortic stenosis is ______
Most likely to metastisize to lymph system is ______
adenocarcinoma of pancreas
A 48 yr old male has cold sweats, severe chest pain, nausea and vomiting, and finally collapses. His condition is most likely _____
coronary artery thrombosis
Most common occlusion from myocardial infarction is _____
left anterior decending
A 69 yr old male with advanced lung cancer has a decrease in body fat and lean muscle mass, as well as weakness and anorexia. Cause is ______
The heart defect that develops into a right to left shunt is characterized by _______
pulmonary hypertension