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Sternocleidomastoid Unilateral A
Laterally flexes the head to the same side
Rotates the haed to the opposite side
Sternocleidomastoid Bilateral A
Flexes teh neck
Assists in inhalation
Sternocleidomastoid O
Sternal head: top of manubrium
Clavicular head: medial one-third of the clavicle
Sternocleidomastoid I
Mastoid process of temporal bone, lateral suprior nuchal line of occiput
Scalenes Bilateral A
All: Elevate the ribs during inhalation
Anterior only: Flex neck
Scalenes Unilateral A
With ribs flexed, laterally flex the neck to the same side
Rotate head and neck to the opposite side
Anterior Scalene O
Transverse process of third to sixth cervical vertebrae (anterior tubercles)
Anterior Scalene I
First rib
Middle Scalene O
Transverse processes of second to seventh cervical vertebrae (posterior tubercles)
Middle Scalene I
First rib
Posterior Scalene O
Transverse processes of fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae (posterior tubercles)
Posterior Scalene I
Second rib
Masseter A
Elevates the mandible
Masseter O
Zygomatic arch
Masseter I
Angle and ramus of mandible
Temporalis A
Elevates the mandible
Retracts the mandible
Temporalis O
Temporal fossa and fascia
Temporalis I
Coronoid process of the mandible
Suprahyoids A
Elevate hyoid and tongue
Depress mandible
Suprahyoids O
Geniohyoid, Mylohyoid: underside of mandible
Stylohyoid: styliod process
Suprahyoids I
Hyoid bone
Digastric A
With hyoid bone fixed, depresses the mandible
With mandible fixed, elevates hyoid
retracts the mandible
Digastric O
Mastoid process
Digastric I
Inferior border of the mandible
Infrahyoid A
Depress the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage
Infrahyoid O
Omohyoid: superior border of the scapula
Sternohyoid and sternothyroid: manubrium
Infrahyoid I
Omohyoid and Sternohyoid: hyoid bone
Sternothyroid: thyroid cartilage
Platysma A
Assists in depressing the mandible
Tightens the fascia of the neck
Platysma O
Fascia covering suprior part of pectoralis major
Platysma I
Edge of mandible, skin of lower part of face
Occipitofrontalis A
Frontalis: raises the eyebrows and wrinkles the forehead
Occipitalis: Anchors and retract the galea posteriorly
Occipitofrontalis O
Galea aponeurotica
Occipitofrontalis I
Frontalis: skin over the eyebrows
Occipitalis: superior nuchal line of the occiput