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After the PEER conference what step should the writer take next?
TEACHER CONFERENCING should follow the Peer Conference so that the teacher can make suggestions for your work. YOU make the final decision because you are the author.
After REVISIONS what is the next step for the writer to follow?
EDITING must follow revisions. Here the writer checks spelling, grammar, and format.
What is the next step after you have completed your rough draft?
REVISE, REVISE, REVISE, Check to be sure: your writing makes sense, the writer stuck to the topic, events are in order,there is no unecessary information in the story, and there is no need to ADD information to clarify the story,this is an important step that should be repeated once more before the final draft.
Once you have identified the audience you will be writing for what is the next step?
WRITING A ROUGH DRAFT follows identifying the audience.
What is the first thing we do when we begin to write?
BRAINSTORM IDEAS for topics is the first thing we do when we begin to write.
What is the next step after brainstorming a topic when writing?
CHOOSE THE TOPIC you will write about
After choosing the topic, what is the next thing the writer must do?
IDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE for whom you will be writing.
What is the LAST STEP for writing?
When you finish your writing you are ready to PUBLISH and SHARE your writing.
What step follows the editing process?
PEER CONFERENCING follows editing. Ask a friend to read what you wrote, and offer suggestions for improving the story.
After the TEACHER CONFERENCE what step should the author follow?
Writing the FINAL DRAFT is the next step after conferencing with the teacher.