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the conquest of one or more nations by another nation
the dominance and power asserted by one nation over less powerful nations
the major reason for the growth in slave trade
the settlement of America
trade in slaves ended, thanks in large part to the efforts of _?_
the British and their navy
some African states grew because of _?_ conquest
Which Ethiopian leader replaced his volunteer army with well-equipped and well-trained soldiers?
Which West African general developed a modern army with current weapons to defend the Wassoulou Empire?
Samori Ture
What was the name of the confederation of African pastors and teachers that promoted male and female education?
Fante Confederation
Who searched for the elusive source of the Nile?
Sir Richard Burton
Who was the most famous European explorer in Africa during the nineteenth century?
David Livingstone
What was the name of the reporter who searched Africa and found David Livingstone?
Henry Stanley
Which missionary served in South Africa for fifty-three years?
Robert Moffat
Who was the first African bishop in the Anglican Church?
Samuel Ajayi Crowther
Why was there a growing demand for African raw materials?
Because of the expanding Industiral Revolution
One event that triggered a rapid conquest and partitioning of Africa was when the French sent three groups to determine _?_
routes for a trans-Saharan railway
Who was the king of Belgium who sent diplomats to secure treaties with the African tribes in the Congo basin?
Who disproved claims that the black man was racially inferior?
John Africanus Horton
Which theory offered support for the idea that some people groups were more advanced than others?
Darwin's theory of evolution
How many phases were part of the Scramble for Africa?
Which two countries kept their independence and did not become possessions of European powers?
Ethiopia and Liberia
Which African king wrote to the German authorities to reject colonization?
What was the name of the conference that met in 1885 to divide Africa?
The Berlin Conference
What type of weapon did most African forces still use?
What type of rapid-firing guns did the Europeans use against the Africans?
the Maxim gun