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What mistake did the allies make when invading Gallipoli?
sending is minesweepers, to let Germans and Turks know they were landing there
Germany writes which country a "Blank Check"?
Who was the only country that didnt share the blame in the starting of WWI?
Great Britain
What decade did Frances Ferdinand get assasinated?
France writes which country a "Blank Check"?
What decade does Italy join war?
________ is assasinated in _________ by _______ on a holiday for the Servs called ________.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Gavrilo Princip.
St. Titus Day.
Who was the Kaiser of Germany before WWI?
Wilhel II
What made the allies declare war on the Turks?
They signed a secret treaty to allow German boats through their straits
Which two countries want an alliance with Germany after losing in the Balkan wars?
Turks and Bulgaria
After Serbia is captured by the Central powers, what is one thing good that happens for the Serbs?
Their army escaped