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legal bond to land, peasent
Saint Francis of Assisi
Gave up his money to be a monk; founded the Franciscan order of monks
Isabella and Ferdinand
Castille and Aragon; married and created a unified Spain
religious tax by church/town 20% of produce or money
Lay investiture
the practice where SECULAR rulers choose their own church leaders
a major trade route
John Locke
Enlightment, political philospher, believed people shaped by experiences/environment
(switzerland) had no information on the black death; never knew it was coming
Venice, Florence, Milan
Italian port cities, important trade centers
Black Death
most devestating natural disaster in European History
Mesa Verde, carved houses out of cliffs, southwest society
Aztec Capital
Tenochtitlan-Toltecs-now Mexico City
conquered Incas Cuzco, built new capital at Lima
Peace of Augsburg
End to religious warefare in Germany 1555; divided Germany into protestant and Catholic sections
Fredrick the Great
made Prussia a world power
Most known Christian Humanist, believed to live a good life on a daily basis
Martin Luther
Began protestant reformation, criticized indulgences, 95 thesis
henry VIII
man responsible for making england a protestant nation, killed wives, had no male heir
John Calvin
Believed in Predestination, Calvinism
Joanus Gutenburg
invented the printing press which helped Luther with the 95 thesis
Christopher Columbus
Thought he found a root to asia, really found Cuba and Hispaniola (the new world)
Henry Hudson
explored Hudson River Valley, Hudson Bay, and Hudson river; dutch (from Netherlands and England, Crew abandoned him
the spice trade
Dutch took over spice trade from England & Portugal
divine right of kings
a king recieves his power from god and is responsible only to god
called west africa the Gold Coast
mostly protestant
located in the Prussian Empire
Oliver Cromwell
Beheads the king and becomes military leader of England (dictator)
Inca Capital
King has total power
glorious revolution
william of orange and mary invaded england and started the glorious revolution, glorious because it was bloodless (1688)
Queen Elizabeth
Most loved English monarch, golden speech, and defeated the spanish armada
Toleration Act of 1689
puritans can worship but not catholics
30 years war
last religious war in Europe, ended with peace of Westphalia; catholics victorious at White Mountain
Baldassare Castiglione
wrote book of Cortier, how to be the perfect noble
Flying Butresses
gothic churches
Most famous Fresco painter
wrote The Fabric of the Human Body
constitutional convention
scrapped old constitution, articles of confederation
black death