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Germany first violated the Treaty of Versailles by marching into what region?
What was the alliance between Hitler and Mussolini called?
Rome-Berlin Axis
What did they start referring to themselves as?
Axis Powers
Who orignated the term "Axis Powers"?
Which countries would eventually enter World War II as Axis Powers?
Germany; Italy; Japan
Which agreement did Japan and Germany sign (later endorsed by Italy) that pledged the two nations would work together to prevent the spread of Russian communism?
Anti-Comintern Treaty
A Nazi party had been formed in which nation in the late 1920s?
The Austrian chancellor offered to take a vote of the Austrian people on which issue?
Who refused to permit the Austrian people from voting on the Anschluss issue?
Which two nations sent letters of protest to Hitler after he did Anschluss?
France; Great Britain
The union of Austria and Germany gave Germany a common border with which nation?
Which nation was now almost completely encircled by Germany?
Fill in the blanks: Nazi propaganda claimed that Czechoslovakia had become "a _____ aimed at the _____ of _____."
dagger; heart; Germany
What was the western rim of Czechoslovakia called?
More than how many Germans lived in the Sudetenland?
3 million
The Sudetenland was once part of which empire?
Hapsburg Empire
What king of party grew in the Sudetenland?
With which two nations did the Czechs have a defensive alliance with?
France; Soviet Union
The Soviet Union would help Czechoslovakia if which country did likewise?
To which country did France turn for support?
Great Britain
Who suggested a conference regarding the Sudetenland?
Which nations attended this conference?
France; Germany; Great Britain; Italy
Who was the French premier who attended this conference? Which German attended? Who was the British Prime Minister who attended? Which Italian attended?
Daladier; Hitler; Chamberlain; Mussolini
Where was this conference held?
What was this conference called?
Munich Conference
Which two nations notably did not attend the Munich Conference?
Czechoslovakia; Soviet Union
Which of these nations was not invited?
Soviet Union
What word means attempting to preserve peace by yielding to the demands of an aggressor? Chamberlain and Daladier did this at the Munich Conference.
Fill in the blanks: When Chamberlain returned to London after the Munich Conference, he said, "I believe it is _____ for our _____".
peace; time
Fill in the blanks: After the Munich Conference, Hitler said, "This is the _____ _____ _____ I shall make in _____."
last; territorial; claim; Europe
Hitler sent troops to break his promise by claiming the rest of Czechoslovakia and renaming it what?
Under the Versailles Treaty, which East Prussian port city did the Germans have to surrender to the Allies?
Which nation took Memel after Germany handed it over?
What kind of party was formed in Lithuania after Hitler came to power?
After Hitler took Memel, which nation on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, east of Italy, did Mussolini invade and take in only a few days?
Who was the king of Albania who fled the country after Mussolini invaded it? Who was the queen?
King Zog; Queen Geraldine
Which person who recently became emperor of Ethiopia now became the king of Albania?
Emmanuel III
Which country did France have a nonaggression treaty with, and was now confronted by Great Britain and France who wanted a mutual alliance with this nation?
Soviet Union
The Soviets insisted that the mutal alliance should guarantee the independence of which five countries?
Estonia; Finland; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland
Which three of these nations were the Baltic nations?
Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania
At the same time Stalin was negotiating with Great Britain and France, he was carrying on secret negotiations with who?
What nonaggression treaty between the Soviet Union and Germany did Hitler proudly announce that pledged they would never attack each other and would remain neutral if the other became involved in war?
Nazi-Soviet Pact
In exchange for Stalin not interfering with Hitler's invading Poland, what part of poland did Hitler promise to give the Soviet Union?
Which states was the Soviet Union also promised in return for not interfering with Hitler's invading Poland?
Baltic states
Which province was the Soviet Union also promised in return for not interfering with Hitler's invading Poland?
Hitler's dispute with Poland involved the strip of territory that cut through Germany to allow Poland access to a sea port. What was this strip called? What was the sea port called?
Polish Corridor; Danzig
Fill in the blanks: Hitler claimed that Danzig had been "_____ from the _____."
torn; fatherland
What kind of party developed in Danzig?
What was the issue on whether or not Poland should become part of Germany called? What was Hitler's solution to the problem called?
Polish Question; German Solution
On the morning of what date did Hitler attack Poland, soon leading to the beginning of World War II?
September 1, 1939