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Russia dropped out of WWI early in 1918 by signing a treaty with Germany called the........
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Which allied nation lost the most soldiers during WWI?
Which nation of the Central Powers lost the most soldier?
An area, which is usually a former colony, to be administered or ruled over by an advanced nation is known a_________.
An agreemet signed by leaders of warring nations to stop fighting is known as an________
The systematic extermination of a certain group of people known as_________
The Treaty of Brest Litovsk allowed the Germans to______
mobilize more troops against France
During the Paris Peace Conference, the U.S. and Europe disagreed about_____
the presence of former Central Powers
The Allies generally wanted to_______
rebuild and form relationships with Germany
Yugoslavia was____
a mixed nation of many Balkan people
All of the following were effects of the Treaty of Versailles EXCEPT?
A. the restorationof Poland
B. the restoration of Prussia
C. Austria and Hungry seperated
D. France regained Alsace-Lorraine
When the League of Nations created a mandate it___
put colonies of defeated powers under rule of "advanced" nations
When the U.S. entered the war,_______introduced a fourteen point postwar plan.
Woodrow Wilson
The Paris Peace Conference demanded that Germany make _______ for war damages.
The_______forced Germany to admit its guilt in starting the war.
Treaty of Versailles
After the war, the colonies of the Central Powers became____ of the League of Nations.
At the Paris Peace Conference, what four nations dominated the peace talks?
France, Britian, Italy and the U.S.
As a group, what were these nations' leaders known as?
Big Four
_______was made a British mandate after WWI
What three agencies made up the League of Nations?
assenbly, council and a secretariat
Which side lost the most soldiers?
Allied Powers
How many countries joined the League of Nations in its first year?
an agreement to stop fighting
payment for war damages