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Name three products that are exported from Israel to European markets.
fruits, vegetables and cut flowers
Which of the two parts of Cyprus is the most developed?
The southern part where the Greeks live.
What country of this region must import food?
What percentage of Turkey is suitable for farming?
Less than 50%
What is the name of the straits that divide Turkey from Asia?
Bosporus and Dardanelles
Traditionally what country has had one of the most modern and Westernized cultures in Southwest Asia?
In many ways, this country is still a physical and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe?
What do Zionists belive?
that a Jewish state should be established in Palestine and that Jews from around the world should move there.
From where do most of Syria's irrigation water come?
Euphrates River
What remains as Judaisms most sacred religious shrine?
The temples only remnant known as the Western Wall.
Israel is roughly the size of what US state?
New Jersey
What group within Turkey has always had a "cautious" relationship with the Turks?
The Kurds
This city used to be known as the "Paris of the Middle"
What country is wedged between Israel and Syria?
What country lies along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean on what was once the ancient land of Palestine?
What is Israel's major port city?
What place is considered to be the lowest point on any continent?
The Dead Sea
Turkey was one of the first Muslim countries to begin recognizing what?
Women's rights
What is the name of Jordan's only seaport?
Aqaba on the Gulf
What are some of the products grown in Turkey for export?
tobacco, hazelnuts, cotton and citrus fruit.
What is the one portion of Jordan that is not arid?
Only the Northwest corner of the country is not arid.
In what part of Syria do most people live?
In the western 1/4 of the country.
One fourth of the people of Lebanon are of what religion?
What crucial resources are very limited in Israel?
oil or coal
What city divides the Turks and Greeks of Cyprus?
The capital city of Nacosia
What are mud cosmetics?
Use of the mineral rich mud from the Dead sea for making cosmetics or make up.
Name the two main mountain ranges of central Turkey?
Taurus and Pontic Mountains
What country in the region has one of the most sophisticated water management systems?
Turkey is known as the country of two ___________?
In Jordan, what group outnumbers the country's original inhabitants?
What country of the region gained its independance from Britain in 1960?
What country has known periodic civil wars from 1975-1990?
What are the two leading cities of Turkey?
Istanbul and Ankara
Describe the differences in how Jews, Christians and Muslims view Jerusalem.
Jews care deeply about the city, Christians cherish it as the place where Jesus lived, preached and was crucified and Muslims honor the site where they believe Muhammad rose to heaven.
What percentage of Israelis do not work in agriculture?
95% of Israelis do not work in agriculture.