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What landforms shield South Asia from the cold airflows to the north of the region?
Which of the following provides, in a single word, a basic description of the South Asian landform?
What process created the Himalayan Mountains?
The collision of the Indian-Australian Plate with the Eurasian Plate
The name Deccan is given to which of the following features on South Asia’s physical landscape?
Plateau in south central India
What features of South Asia’s physical landscape are known collectively as the Ghats?
Mountains that trace the eastern and western edges of the Indian subcontinent
Which statement best describes the cultural adjustments that rural people have developed to cope with South Asia’s contrasting climatic seasons?
Villages are built up on mounds to prevent flooding from the summer monsoons
The monsoon that brings plentiful rain to South Asia occurs during which season?
Meltwater from what mountains supplies the headwaters of the three principal river systems of South Asia?
The Indus River is the principal river in what South Asian country?
Which is true of the Indus Valley (Harappa) civilization in South Asia?
Their trade network extended to Mesopotamia and Eastern Africa
The Aryans, thought to be the first outsiders to invade South Asia 3500 years ago, are credited with instituting what social system in the region?
Among the following, which is the best explanation of how the caste system may have weakened South Asia’s ability to resist invaders?
Caste groups were easily assimilated into the ruling structure of invaders
What is the primary legacy left in South Asia by the Moguls, whose vast sixteenth-century empire encompassed the region?
Which of the following countries does NOT maintain the beliefs of Islam as central to its national character?
Nearly all of South Asia was part of what European power’s colonial system?
As the colonial ruler of South Asia, the British explicitly inhibited the development of which of the region’s industries?
According to the economic historian Deitmar Rothermund, what British policy had the [by-product] effect of encouraging population growth in its colony of South Asia?
Inhibiting industrial development
Among the following British actions in South Asia, which was beneficial to the region’s economic development during and after the colonial period?
Constructing an expansive railroad network
In 1947, the British partitioned their South Asian colony largely along what lines?
Which of the following occurred as a result of the 1947 partition of British India?
Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan; Hindus migrated from Pakistan to India
The purpose of Britain’s “divide and rule” tactic in South Asia was to antagonize relations between what two groups, thus weakening both in their ability to oppose colonial rule?
Hindus and Muslims
Approximately what percentage of South Asia’s people live in areas defined as rural?
70 percent
Which of the following provides the least plausible explanation for the continued population boom in South Asia?
High literacy rates among women and men
Education affects population growth by encouraging which one of the following?
The use of contraceptives
In what South Asian country do 120 million Muslims constitute the largest minority religious group?
Which of the following provides the best description of the caste system?
Custom of hierarchical social classes
Which of the following describes the Harijan caste, also known as “untouchables”?
Lowest social class that performs "despicable" tasks
Which of the following does NOT characterize any aspect of the Green Revolution in South Asia?
Benefits accrued to poorer farmers
Which of the following is NOT among the explicit goals of recent economic reform in India?
Expanding food and agriculture subsidies
Which of the following statements captures the idea of microcredit that has developed in South Asia?
Makes small low-interest loans available to poor entrepreneurs
What is the purpose of the Grameen Bank?
Provide small loans to small entrepreneurs in rural villages
What is the role of caste in the Indian democracy?
It is increasing in importance
The relations of what two South Asian countries are strained by regional conflicts in the states of Punjab and Kashmir?
India and Pakistan
The regional conflict over Kashmir primarily involves what two religious groups?
Hindus and Muslims