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What country had the mandate of Palestine, Trans-Jordan and Iraq?
Great Britain
What was the name of the secret agreement between France and Great Britain to divide up the Ottoman Empire?
The Sykes-Picot Agreement
What is a mandate?
Land that was governed on behalf of the League of Nations until it is ready for independence.
What made the Middle East important in ancient times?
It was the center of the trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia
Land which is suitable for farming is called?
What do you call a place where fresh water comes up from a deep spring- which brings water to a dry place?
What is the name of the tall thin tower attached to the mosque, which calls people to prayer?
A person who climbs a minaret 5 times a day calling Muslims to pray is called?
A muezzin
What do you call the Islamic house of worship?
The followers of Islam are called this?
Believing in one God is called?
What is the name of the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabria called?
the Hajj
What country had the mandate for Syria and Lebanon?
A person whose teachings are believed to be revealed by God?
What was the Balfour Declaration?
Britain's support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine without violating Arab rights.
What 2 groups claimed Palestine as their homeland?
The Arabs and the Jews
What was the mission of the Zionists?
To create their own Jewish homeland in Palestine to stop their oppression
What is self-determination?
The right to decide one's own political future
What was the intifada?
A Palestinian uprising against the Israelis
When was Palestine divided into 2 states, 1 Arab & 1 Jewish?
What does P.L.O. stand for?
Palestine Liberation Organization - don't recognize Israel as a country
What is the captial of Israel?
Tel Aviv
What is the capital of Jordan?
What caused Jordan's borders to change in 1967?
Jordan, Egypt and Syria attached Israel, and Jordan lost control of the West Bank of Israel
What group of people fled to Jordan after the Arab-Israeli Wars?
The Palestinians
Does Jordan have a modern or traditional society?
What is the capital of Lebanon?
Beirut - "Paris of the Middle East"
What 5 groups shared the power of Lebanon?
Maronite Christians
Greek Orthodox Christians
Sunni Muslims
Shiite Muslims
What group of people fled to Lebanon?
The Palestinians & P.L.O.
What is a militia?
citizen army
What is anarchy?
What is the capital of Syria?
What country has built dams, effecting teh amount of water that flows into Syria?
What country has many human rights violations?
What 4 countries border Jordan?
Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia
What country did Iraq invade in 1990?
What is an embargo?
Sevre restrictions on trade
What 2 rivers run through Iraq?
The Tigris and Euphrates
What is drip irrigation?
A process that drops precise amounts of water on plants from pipes
How many times has Israel gone to war with neighboring Arab states?
What is the Knesset?
Israel's democratically elected parliament
What ethnic group makes up the rest of Israel's society?
Arabs - many complain of discrimination
From what 2 countries has Israel received more recent immigrants?
Ethiopia & the Soviet Unoin
What are the Sephardic Jews?
Jews that immigrated from Southwest Asia, North Africa and Asia - they are poor and unskilled
What is the Dead Sea?
Huge saltwater lake between Israel and Jordan
How does Israel get people to move into its desert cities?
Offers of high pay and extra time off
What 3 industries make Israel a world leader?
Medical laser technology
Aerospace equipment
What is the capital of Iraq?
Who are the Kurds?
World's largest stateless minority
Where do the Kurds live?
Kurdistan - lies within the countries of Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Armenia
What has brough great wealth to the Arabian Peninsula?
Discovery of oil
Who are the 2 least developed countries in the Arabian Peninsula?
Omen and Yemen
What is the Rub Al-Khali?
World's larges sand desert - located in Saudi Arabia - means "Empty Quarter"
What paid for the modernization of the Arabian Peninsula?
Oil profits
What is the desalination process?
Process of removing salt from water to make fresh water
What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
What is OPEC?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries - regulate oil production and prices
What is infrastructure?
A country's basic support facilities - example roads, schools
What are Saudi Arabia's 2 industrial cities?
Yanbu - West Coast
Jubail - East Coast
Name 2 things that you won't find in Saudi Arabia?
Theaters and Nightclubs
What are the 2 holy cities of Saudi Arabia?
Mecca and Medina
What is the Kaaba?
Sacred black stone that they believe was sent by God
What is the hajj?
A pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
What is the capital of Oman?
What is the capital of Yemen?
What 2 countries merged to create Yemen?
North Yemen and South Yemen
What is the falaj system?
Ancient system of underground and surface canals
What country is at the entrance of the Red Sea?
What are the 2 names for the Persian Gulf?
The Persain Gulf and the Arabian Gulf
Who was the "father of the Turks"?
Mustafa Kemel - called Ataturk - got rid of Islamic law and modernized Turkey
What is an Islamic Republic?
A country ruled by Islamic Law
What are ayatollahs?
religious leaders of Iran
What is a shah?
Ruler - in Iran
What is the capital of Iran?
What country is the most industrialized in Southwest Asia?
People of Turkey and Iran are this?
Muslims but not Arab
What is secular?
Run without religious influence
What is the capital of Turkey?
What is the dominant culture of Iran?
What 2 straits lead into the Black Sea?
The Dardenelles and the Bosporus
In what sea is Cyprus located?
Mediterranean Sea
What is the capital of Cyprus?
What did Turkey do to the northeastern part of Cyprus in 1983?
Declared it an independent country - it is not recognized as one by most nations
What 2 ethnic groups make up Cyprus?
4/5 Greek and 1/5 Turkish