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Size of Russia

6,592,812 square miles

Northern European plain and the connection to agriculture

Chernozem (black earth) very fertile land

Caucasus mountains

Between Caspian and black sea

Ural mountain

Separate the northern European plain and the west Siberian plain

Kolymer range

Northeast Russia takes up majority of the land

Verkhoyansk range

Northeast range below the Kolymer range


Flat treeless land forming ring around Arctic Ocean


Temperate grassland region


Delta evergreen coniferous forests across Europe Asia and North America

Climate factors of Russia

High latitude mountains and Seaside

Issues about the Aral Sea

Has two rivers being used to try and create for farming

Russian revolution

Prompted by labor unrest in 1917, Czar Nicholas was murdered, Lenin sought control

Mongol invasion

Russia 1240 dominated for 250 years 1480 Ivan the third able to repel Mongol

World War 1

1914 to 1918 caused by assassination

Cold War

Conflict between US and Russia after world war 2 no open warfare

Ivan the great

First czar


Soviet statesman whose foreign policy brought an end to the Cold War


Founded the Communist Party in Russia and set the world's first communist party


Dictator of Russia


System where government has all of the power

Free market economy

System where free competition and price is determined by supply and demand

Conflicts in the Caucasus

Fights are breaking out

Collective farms

Enormous farms in the Soviet Union in team labor

Nuclear power

Energy that is harnessed from reactions among radioactive isotopes


Selling of government property to private individuals

Nuclear legacy

nuclear bombs dropped still affect people and cause disfiguration sickness and still occurs today

Nile River

Longest river in the world and 4000 miles in Egypt

Congo River

Coaster Central African Congo Basin region

Niger River

Major river in West Africa and Delta contains oil


East Africa contains some of the best grass land for animal grazing


Largest desert in the world 3000 miles across North Africa


Uppermost part of the forest where most animals live

Mount Kilimanjaro

Volcano in Tanzania Africa is highest point


Sahara moving into Central Africa

Niger Delta

Delta of the Niger River contains oil


Dry grassland east to west across southern edge of Sahara farming and hearding

Lake Nasser

Lake created by Ashland High Dam on the Nile River

Berlin conference

13 European countries got together and split Africa among them


Popular Algerian music develop to show political unhappiness in fast-paced


Market in Arab community


Epidemic that is geographically widespread and affects large proportion of population

Stateless society

people use lineages to govern themselves

King Leopold the second

Belgian roller that opened Africa interior to trade

FW de Klerk

South African Prime Minister 1982 19 nineties worked with Nelson Mandela dismantling the apartheid system

Mobutu Sese Seko

Leader of the DRC brought country business under control due to the army

Laurent Kabila

1997 to 2001 there is president after Mobutu band political parties transition to democracy

Nelson Mandela

Leader of South Africa helped band a apartheid

Economic base for most of

Subsistence farming


And they're cute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water


Human immunodeficiency virus attacks and destroys the immune system


Disease by mosquitoes and planting parasites in the blood


Disease of human spread through the air affects lungs

Brain drain

Large-scale emigration by talented people

Dead Sea

Largest concentration of salt in an inland sea

Persian Gulf

1991 war fought between a coalition with us and Iraq to free Kuwait

Jordan River

River that slows down from the sea of galilee to the dead sea

Red Sea

Long arm of the Indian Ocean between North East Africa and Arabia

Rub al-khali

Aka Empty Quarter one of the largest sandy deserts Arabian Peninsula


Desert in southern Israel

Golan Heights

Chile Pato overlooking the Jordan River and is a site of conflict

Suez Canal

Human made waterway opened in 1869 connecting the red and Mediterranean Seas

West Bank

Region of West Jordan River became part of Jordan in 1948 6 Day War

Sinai Peninsula

Northeastern Egypt


Removal of salt from the ocean

Fossil water

Water pump from an underground aquifer


Fertile place in a desert where there is water and vegetation


83% of Muslims follow leadership of Muhammad appointed successors

Abdul Aziz

Leader of Saudi Arabia power over large areas of the Arabian Peninsula


Arab prophet founder of religion of Islam


Physical process whereby the colonizer takes over another place


Policy for establishing and developing a national homeland for Jews in Palestine


Series of holy wars in 1096 through 1270 ad undertaken by European Christians


journey to a sacred place


Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries


Palestine Liberation Organization

Strategic commodity

Resource that people would be going to war for example oil and water


Ethnic group that lives in parts of Iraq and Turkey suffered persecution in both countries

Stateless nation

Stateless nation nationality that is not represented by a state example Kurds

Right of return

Palestinians to describe their demand to reclaim the lands that lost in 1948


Seasonal winds causes droughts or flooding

Alluvial plains

Rich farmland composed of silt sand gravel deposited by running water

Ganges River

Holy river in South Asia


Large landmass that juts out from a continent

Himalaya Mountains

Mountain range in South Asia includes Mount Everest


Habitat in which the freshwater river meets the sea salt water ocean


Destruction and loss of forest

Storm surge

Dome of water that sweeps across the coast where hurricane lands


Circular coral island that encloses a Lagoon


Storm with heavy rains and winds that blow in a circular pattern

Caste system

Hindu social class system is split into groups based on a person's birth


Geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu


Pastels from sunrise to sunset that is carried out during that Islamic month of Ramadan

Land reform

Broke up large land holdings and distributed them among poor farmers


Region of northern India and Pakistan over which wars have been fought


Given small loan to start a business in India


And division it departs 1947 division of British colony of India to India and Pakistan

Basic necessities

Food shelter clothing and water

Poverty in South Asia

Remains an epidemic despite the pockets of progress

Conflict over the Indus River

Dispute about how much water and who controls the water

Kunlun Mountains

Mountains located west of China source of two great rivers the yellow on the Chang

Qin Ling Shandi Mountains

Divided North and South China

Three Gorges Dam

Ee Yangtze River world's biggest dam displaced 1.5 billion people


Synthetic chemicals that cause birth defects

Pacific Rim

Countries that border the Pacific Ocean

Economic tiger

Economic growth by cheap labor aggressive exports and investment in tech

Three Kingdoms

kingdoms formed on the Korean Peninsula koguro paekche silla

Mongolian Empire

1206 to 1405 expanded out of Mongolia and into Europe


Dictator and general who ruled Japan in the Emperor's name


Class of warriors and feudal Japan who pledged loyalty to a noble

Genghis Khan

Mongolian general known for military and cruelty

Boxer Rebellion

1900 uprising in China aimed at ending foreign influence in the country


Chinese philosophy in which people live a simple life in harmony


Chinese philosopher and teacher

Chaing Kai Shek

Leader of the Nationalist Party in 1928 favored capitalist state

Mao Zedong

Come in as leader who took over China after world war 2

Ring of Fire

Circle of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean

Settlement patterns in Australia

Settle on the East Coast


Large desert in Australia little to no inhabitants

Great Dividing Range

Mountain range running along the eastern coast of Australia

Great Barrier Reef

1250 ml chain of more than 2500 race along Australia

Outrigger canoe

Starship used in the lagoons of islands where Pacific Islanders settled

Voyaging canoe

Large ship for a long voyage