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you have a win2k server which uses a non-plug and play isa modem that uses irq 5. you add a pci modem and restart the computer. you realize that both modems are trying to use irq 5 what should you do?
edit the cmos settings on the computer to reserve irq 5 for the non-plug and play.
How can you assign an application to one processor exclusively?
right click the application process, select set affinity, and select the appropriate processor.
What three things can you do to help diagnose why users cannot connect to a second modem configured with routing and remote access on your windows 2k server? pick 3
Use the diagnostics tab on the phone and modem options.
Use device manager to identify any port resource conflicts.
use the routing and remote access snap-in to find out whether the ports are operational.
your windows 2000 server computer has a single hard disk with two partitions. One of your applications creates a latge log file in the systemroot\temp folder. the disk does not contain enough free space to accommodate the log file. What should you do?
Add a second hard disk.
Delete the contents of the systemroot\temp folder.
Create and format a partition.
Mount the partition as the systemroot\temp folder.
you are replacing an integrated 10-mb ethernet adapter with a new 100 mb ethernet adapter. After installing the new adapter you receive an error message stating the new adapter is missing or is not working. What should you do?
use device manager to disable the integrated 10-mb ethernet adapter.
How do you configure a group policy so that future changes to the group policy will be applied within 15 minutes to any computers that are logged onto the network?
Enable and confgure the group policy refresh interval for computers.
an incorrect driver was installed during the installation of a modem on your windows2k server computer. the computer will be used as a routing and remote access server for a branch office. you attempt to remove the modem by the phone and modem option but the computer stops responding. what is the quickest way to install the correct driver after restarting the computer?
use the add/remove hardware wizard to uninstall the modem and restart the server.
you are the administrator of your companys network. you use a non-admin account to log onto the server to perform routine upgrades. prior to updating all the critical system files and patches on the server what should you do?
log on as administrator and run windows critical update.
you convert the stripe set with parity to a dynamic raid-5 volume on your windows 2k server computer that contains a stripe set with parity on a four-disk array. user then report that disk access on the server is slow. the status of the third disk in the array shows missing. what should you do first to recover the failed raid-5 volume?
ensure that the third disk is attached to the server and has power.
Use disk management to reactivate the disk.
Users report that when you run Microsoft excel every afternoon, the response time on the server lags. What should you do?
Use task manager to set the priority of the excel.exe process to law.
Each of your branch offices uses the internet connection sharing to connect to the internet. Randy is configuring a windows 2000 server as a file server. When he uses windows update for the first time, he selects product update, and receives an access denied error. What should you do to allow Randy to configure the server?
Give randys user account administrator privileges on the windows2k server computer.
you have configured your windows 2000 server, which utilizes a large ntfs volume, to have disk quotas for the ntfs volume. All users have a default limit of 100 mb, and the option to deny space to users who exceed their limit has been enabled. A user complains that they are receiving the error message "the disk is full or too many files are open" What should the user do?
remove files until the total uncompressed file size is less than 100 mb.
you have a multiple-process database named application on your win2k server. users report that the application has stopped responding to queries. the server is running so you decide to restart the application. what should youdo before restarting the application?
end the applicationexe process tree.
You are implementing a 140-node network. It should be divided into 10 subnets. Each subnet must be able to accommodate up to 14 nodes. How should you configure the ip addressing structure if your companys ip address is
you wish to install recovery console on a computer that has a mirrored volume. How do you do this?
Break the mirror, then install the recovery console using x:\i386\winnt32.exe\cmdcons. reestablish the mirrored volume.
A disk with the ARC path multi(1)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition (1) is not responding. what disk should you replace?
Click controller 1. Disk number 2.
You configure several group policies to restrict users desktop configuration changes. You want them to be applied immediately. What should you do.
run the secedit.exe command to refresh the policy.
Your windows 2000 server if configured with routing and remote access. What can you do to help diagnose why dial-in users cannot connect to the server via a new modem?
Use the routing and remote access snap-in to find out whether the ports for both modems are operational.
What should you do to configure the deployment of a windows 2000 service pack so that users automatically receive the service pack when they log on to the domain?
Create a Microsoft windows installer package for the service pack.
Configure the package in a group policy.
Your windows 2000 domain operates in native mode. the server uses the default remote access policy. you want the remote access permissions for new user accounts to automatically allow access. What should you do?
Change the setting from control access through remote access policy to allow access.
You work with files that are confidential. These files are kept in your private folder located in your home folder. You use numerous computers to access these folders. What should you do to maximize security of the private folder, and still allow access from remote computers?
configure your account to use a roaming user profile. Use the properties of the private folder to set the encryption attribute.
what should you do to configure the deployment of an application update so that users automatically install the update when they log on to the domain?
Create a microsoft windows installer package for the application update. Apply the package to a group policy.
your windows 2000 server computer is a file server. It runs a 16 bit applications. One of these stops responding. causing all other 16 bit applications to stop responding. What should you do to isolate the application for monitoring and troubleshooting?
Create a batch file that starts the application by running the start/ separate command.
Use this batch file to start the application.
Create a shortcut to the applicaiton, and select the run in a separate memory space.
use this shortcut to start the application.
you have a win2k server which uses a non-plug and play eisa modem that uses irq11. you add a second pci network adapter and restart the computer. you realize that both adapters are trying to use irq11 what should you do?
edit the cmos settings on the computer to reserve irq 11 for the non-plug and play devices.
what colums would you choose to find out whether the response times of a new application would improve by the addition of one or more processors on your windows 2000 server?
user objects and i/o reads.
Your network uses the encrypting files system to encrypt data. you are installing a new server that has a 6 gb ntfs partition. You want to move numerous efs folders to a new server.These folders must retain there encryption. What should you do?
Back up the folder using the backup utility in windows 2000.
your windows 2000 server has two ntfs partitoins. Windows 2k server is installed on drive d. After a power failure, you receive the error message: ntldr is missing. press any key to restart. what should you do?
Start the computer by using the windows 2000 server cd-rom and choose to repair the installation.
Your windows 2k server runs both 32 bit and 16 bit applicaitons. each 16 bit application is configured to run in a sepatate memory space. you want to create a performance baseline chart for all applicationson the server. you add all of the 32 bit applications. what should you do to add the 16 bit applications?
Add the ntvdm#2 instances of the%proccesor time counter for the process object.
After using regedt32 to deit the registry of your windows 2000 server to insert a new value, and remove an unused key, your computer stops responding before the logon screen appears after you reboot. what should you do to return the computer to its previous configuration?
restart the computer using last known good configuration.
Both of your domains are active directory domains that run in native mode. How can yousee a list that shows which users are allowed to use remote access to your network?
Create a group named ras_users.
add users who are permitted to dial in to the network.
Create a remote access policy that allows only this group to use the remote access server.
Display the members of the group.
you are istalling windows 2k server on a new comuter that is connected to a network that contains windows 98 computers, and windows 2k server computers. you want to istall windows 2000 server from source files located on a server on the network. What should you do?
Start the new computer by using a windows 98 network boot disk.
connect to the network server.
run winnt.exe
You have two windows 2k servers, srv1 and srv2. Srv1 has a spanned volume over three physical disks. These disks support hot swapping. The drive letter that the spanned volume uses on srv1 is not currently in use on srv2. you want to move the three disks to srv2 using the same drive letter as srv1. you back up the spanned volume. what should you do next?
move the disks from srv1 to srv2
on srv1, rescan the disks.
on srv2, rescan the disks.
you share a folder on your windows 2k server that contains multiple subfolders. Some of these subfolders, are compressed and some are not. How do you move files from one uncompressed folder to a compressed folder, and ensure the files are compressed when you move them, without compressing the remaining files in the original uncompressed folder?
copy the files from the uncompressed folder to the compressed folder, then delete the original files.
you have a 12 gb primary partition formatted as fat32 on your windows 2k server. the number of users and average size of files remains constant over a period of time. Users then begin to report that the server does not retrieve files as fast as when the server was first installed. What should you do?
Defragment the disk.
What should you do to install a customized HAL designed for a computer on which you are installing windows 2000 server?
During the hardware confirmation portion of windows 2000 setup, install the customized HAL.
Running system monitor locally, and ensuring it has the least impact on other processes, how do you measure the physical disk performance counters on your windows 2k server computer? choose two?
From the command prompt, run the start/low perfmon command.

Use task manager to set the priority of the mmc.exe process to low.
you install a new tape device on your windows 2k server. After restarting the computer, you receive the error: "irql_not_less_or_equal" what should you do to bring the server back online as quickly as possible?
Restart the computer by using the recovery console.
disable the driver
restart the computer
remove the driver
Your windows 2k network consists of windows 2k servers that were upgraded from windows nt, windows 2k pro computers and windows nt workstation computers. After you implement gpo's for each ou, you find that the gpos only apply to users of the windows 2k pro computers. You want to restrict users of the windows nt workstation computers from accessing registry-editing tools. What should you do?
Create a windows nt system policy file on a windows 2000 domain controller.
Your computer has three 100 gb hard disks without any partitions defined. you want as much space on disk 0 as possibnle for the partition on which windows 2000 server is to be installed. You want as much disk space as possible across all three disks to be accessible by using single driver letter. what should you do?
Install windows 2000 server on a 100 gb ntfs partition disk 0.
After setup is complete, create a 100 gb partition on disk 1 and disk 2.
Mout the partition on disk 1 and disk 2 as subdirectories on the disk 0 partition.
your windows 2k active directory network consists of win2k professional computers and windows nt workstation computers. Users of the windows 2k pro computers cannot change their desktops or the display settings on their computers. Users of the windows nt workstation computers can change all display settings. What should you do to restrict all users of windows nt workstation comoputers from changing their desktop settings?
Configure a windows nt policy file and place it in the proper folder on the PDC emulator.
You configure a new win2k server as an intranet server. you configure a sales web site and a finance virtual directory in the departments web site. Users report thats they can only see .htm, and .asp files. for security, you need to disable the users ability to view the files of all web sites in the form of a list. what should you do?
Clear the directory browsing checkbox for the server properties. Apply the settings to the child web sites.
Frequently, a newly installed modem stops communicating with you isp. The only way to reactivate the modem is to restart the computer. you want to install a new driver for the modem. what should you do?
In device manager, on the property sheet for the modem, click the update driver command button.
you are installing win2k server on a multiprocessor computer. what should you do to install a customized HAL designed for a computer on which you are installing win2k server?
during the text mode portion of windows 2000 setup, install the customized HAL.
How do you configure the remote windows 2000 server computers so that when ever a new microsoft driver becomes available, branch offices are notified automatically when the administrator logs onto the server.
Install windows critical update notification.
You suspect someone is trying to log onto your domain by guessing user account names and passwords. What should you do to find out which computers are being used for this?
Edit the default domain policy object to audit account logon failures.
How can you revert active directory to a version that was backed up on each of three domain controllers on a previous day.
Shut down and restart a single domain control in directory services restore mode.
Use windows backup to restore the system state data.
Run the Ntdsutil utility.
restart the computer.