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Obsession with Remembering
In the Sound and the Fury, where Ben sp often says "I was trying to say" but of course he cannot and, by extension, wecannot, though we try and Faulkner revels in and is fascinated by the trying.
Addie, in As I Lay Dying
sums up this alienation as she considers her students..... also she says that words and actions are two different things.
Faulkner's stories
generally alinear, achronological, and refuse to provide closure, all modernist narative techniques that confuse, not to be pretentious, but as a baffling form commensurate with the baffling course of human events.
American South- his works
deal with that region's lost dream of agrarian arcadia, its lingering guilt over the exploitation of blacks for centuries toward achieving that arcadia, and the lies whites southerners told themselves to cope with guilt.
Faulkner published novels about childhood, families, sex, race, obsessions, time, the past , his native south, and the modern world.
he invented voices for characters ranging from sages to children, criminals, the insane, even the dead.
Faulkner invented
his own unmistakable narrative voice, urgent, intense, highly rhetorical. He experimented with narrative chronology and with techniques for representing mind and memory. He invented an etire southern county (Yoknapatawphpa) and wrote its history.
Faulkners understanding
"Makeing stories is the human way of making meaning." Many of Faulkners novels are "simultaneously about an indiviual, about the South, and about itself as a work of fiction.
That Eveing Sun
Nancy is used by the whites of the community and then discarded when pregnant and no longer sexually deirable to them. Thsi suggusts the racial situation of the Sout, its inequities and crimes.
A Rose For Emily
Emily Grierson represents the old, genteel South of belles, gallants, and discreet gentility. Symbolicallty, her old mansion is the last of its kind in the town, and she is now surrounded by emblems of the New South, gasoline stations and small businesses who regard Emily and her way of life obsolete. Another example of the sad by gracefull Old South and the impersonal but progressive New South is the case of Emily's taxes.
Barn Burning
also presents a New South- Old South dialectic. The New South is just as complicated as the Old. Ab Snopes s classic poor white trash, and he is despicted as brutal, vindictive, and irrational.