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Louisiana Purchase

Jefferson bought land from France which doubled the size of the U.S

Florida 1819

Spain gave ________ to the U.S through a treaty

Texas 1845

Added to the U.S after it became an independent republic

Oregon 1846

Divided by the U.S and Great Britain

California 1848

War with Mexico resulted in California and the southwest territory becoming part of the U.S

Manifest Destiny

A doctrine or belief that the expansion of the U.S and the American continents was both justified

Lewis And Clark Expedition

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific ocean


A person who is the first to think of or make something


A person who organizes resources to bring new or better goods and services to market in hopes of earning a profit

Cotton Gin

Invented by Eli Whitney, It increased the production of cotton and the need for slave labor


Improved by the entrepreneur, Robert Fulton, It eventually provided faster river transportation that connected southern plantations and farms to northern industries and Western territories

Steam Locomotive

Provided faster land transportation


Jo Anderson {a slave} and Cyrus McCormick worked to invent this invention, McCormick was the entrepreneur brought it to market, this invention increased the production of the American farmer


Men and women who work to end slavery


The feeling from bondage


The right to vote in an election

Underground Railroad

A passage that slaves used to travel without being seen or cought

Harriet Tubman

Hundreds of enslaved African Americans to freedom along the Underground Railroad

William Lloyd Garrison

Wrote the Liberator newspaper and worked for the immediate emancipation of all enslaved African Americans

Frederick Douglass

Wrote the North Star newspaper and worked for rights for African American and women to better their lives

Isabella Sojourner Truth

A former enslaved African American was a nationally known advocate for equality and justice

Susan B. Anthony

Was an advocate to gain voting rights for women and equal rights for all

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Played a leadership role in the women's rights movment

What basic rights were women deprived of ?

-to vote

-educational opportunities

-equal opportunities in business

-right to own property

Why did abolitionists believe slavery was wrong ?