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The condition that occurs typically in middle to older aged dogs and usually within 1-2 months after estrus (but can occur at any stage of the cycle) and can be life threatening is:
The condition that describes swelling and inflammation of the breast is:
In small breed dogs, heat cycles typically begin at:
5-6 months of age.
The structure that is the site of the production of eggs and many of the hormones responsible for heat cycles and the maintenance of pregnancy is:
Fetuses may be palpated in the dog ____post breeding.
25-36 days
In giant breeds, heat cycles may begin between:
14-18 months of age.
The structure where the developing embryos attach and mature is the:
uterine horn
Puerperal tetany occur most commonly in the _____ period.
post partum
App. 24 hours before the start of parturition, the dog's body temperature is about _____
below 100 degrees.
Learn the 4 different stages of the estrous cycle including the length of time for each
Proestrus: prepatory first stage lasting 5-9 days. Estrus: active breeding stage, 5-9 days, Diestrus: no pregnancy up to 80 days pregnancy – until the end. Anestrus: period between heat cycles.
What is the gestation period for dogs? For cats?
9 weeks and 63-65 days for cats.
At what age do dogs and cats reach puberty?
? Between 5-18 months of age (dogs), 6-12 months (cats).
Do small breed dogs reach puberty earlier or later than large breed dogs?
What are other terms for female dogs and cats?
Bitches, dams, queens
At what age may fetuses be palpated in the dog and cat?
25-36 days
At what age can fetal mineralization be detected on radiographs?
45 days.
At what age can ultrasound be used to detect fetuses?
5 weeks
What tissues are removed during an ovariohysterectomy?
Overies, ovaducts, and uterus.
What are the clinical signs of pseudopregnancy and when do they occur?
Occurs 40-65 days after a normal estrus. Dogs may exhibit mothering of toys, nesting, or even aggression. Mammary development and milk production are common.
In addition to dystocia, what other common pregnancy disorders may occur?
Metritis (Inflammation of the Uterus), Mastitis (Inflammation of the Breasts)
Define pyometra
. Infection of the uterus in dogs and cats.
What is another term form eclampsia?
Milk fever, puerperal tetany..
What is the scrotum?
Sack of skin which holds the testes.
What is the prepuce?
Sheath of skin that encloses the penis when its not erect.
What is the main hormone that influences the male system?
What other hormone may affect the male system?
What are the 3 main parts of the penis?
Root, body, the glans,
What structures do spermatozoa pass through from their site of production to their release from the penis?
Starts at seminferous tubules, efferent ducts of the testes, epididymis, vas deferens, urethra
Define and describe paraphimosis
Paraphimosis is when the penis is extruded from the prepuce and cannot be returned to its normal position.
Define and describe phimosis
Phimosis is when the penis cannot be extruded from the prepuce. It may be congenital due to a small orifice or persistent frenulum. Acquired inflammation or neoplasia reduces the size of preputial orifice or increases the size of the penis. Depending on severity of signs, one may not observe signs until the dog tries to copulate. Treatment is to surgically enlarge the opening or surgical excision of masses.
Define orchitis. What are the causes of this?
Infections of the testicles and epididymitis. They may be caused by fight wounds, auto injury, systemic infection (Brucella canis), or extension from prostate or urinary tract infections
If a male adult cat is brought into the clinic and he does not have testicles in the scrotum, what is an easy way to determine if he is indeed neutered or if he has retained testicles (cryptorchid) ?
Castrated males do not have spines on the penis.