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who led mormons to utah

brigham young

which of the following men fought at the alamo

jim bowie

who led american settlers to texas after the death of his father

tephen austin

who was a popular general that would eventually become president

zachary taylor

which of these trails was a cut off from the oregon trail

california trial

The treaty go guadalupe hildago ended the ___________ war


Another name for texas is the "Lone ___ Republic"


another name for california is the "_________ ________ Republic"

Bear flag

Polk's campaign slogans were "all of ____, all of _____" and "54 40' or ______!"

Texas, all of Oregon


The U.S. received the oregon territory through the gadsden purchase


The alamo was an old Spanish fort


Texas immediately joined the US after it won independence from Mexico


The united states was the only country to lay claim to the oregon territory


James polk worked so hard during his presidency that he died within four months of leaving office


American opinion was united in support of the Mexican War


The US paid Mexico millions of dollars for land won during the War


Because of his hard discipline, Zachary Taylor was called "old fuss and feathers"


John Tyler annexed Texas through a joint session of Congress


Zachary Taylor

Old Rough and Ready

Santa Fe Trail

This trading trail was not used by settlers


practice of having more than one wife

Santa Anna

the president of mexico

James K. Polk

young hickory

winfield scott

old fuss and feathers

gadsden purchase

it cost us $10 million

What mission became the rallying cry during Texas' war for independence

"Remember the alamo!"

what do we call a candidate who is largely unknown by the general public

a dark horse

the Webster-Ashburton treaty settled the boundary of the us with what country


the south was mainly ____ while the north was mainly industrial


what bill attempted to ban slavery from territory purchased from mexico

Wilmont Proviso

the term 'bleeding kansas' resulted from which law being passed

Kansas-Nebraska Act

she was the author of the anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe

who was the second president to come to office without being elected

Millard Filmore

he was a famous black abolitionist and a talented speaker

fredrick douglass

he was a white abolitionist who wrote a newspaper called the liberator

william lloyd garrison

at which for did the Civil War unofficially begin at

fort sumpter

in 1857 the Supreme Court decided a very important case regarding slavery and involving this man

Dred Scott

the first state to secede from the Union was

south carolina

what party was made up of Free Soilers, Know-nothings and whigs? ________


define emancipation

the freeing of someone

many southerners justified slavery as a "necessary ______"


what is the name of the secret network of people who gave aid to runaway slaves traveling north? ________

the underground railroad

what escaped slave repeatedly returned to the south to help other slaves escape? ____

Harriet Tubman

what abolitionist fanatic gained fame for committing murder in Kansas and raiding a federal arsenal in Virginia? _________

John Brown

who was the author of the Missouri Compromise? _____

Henry Clay

what event caused 90,000 people to move to California in one year? _______

the gold rush

what was the nickname given to southerners who were adamant about succeeding from the union? _________

fire eaters

Most southerners owned slaves before the Civil War


some southern states made it illegal to teach slaves to read


Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America


South Carolina was the last southern state to secede


The republican party was committed to complete abolition of slavery


Which of these WAS a nickname of Ulysses S. Grant

the Butcher

Lincoln initially called up 80,000 troops who insisted for how long

3 months

Thomas J. Jackson a southern general, earned what nickname


what is the name for the kind of ships that the Monitor and Merrimac were


what southern leader charged the center of the Union line at Gettysburg


Which of these states was neutral at the outset of the war


what is another word for drafting or compulsory enrollment of men into military service


who showed up to watch the battle of First Manassas in July 1861? _____________

Northern Congressmen and their families

Who won the Battle of First Manassas? ________

The South

Most people on both sides believed that the war would last how long? _______

only several months

was Robert E. Lee a supporter of slavery? ____


At what battle did Grant earn his unpopular nickname for sending his men into a "slaughter pen"? _______

Battle of Cold Harbor

Lincoln used the 'victory' at Antietem to announce what? ____

The Emancipation Proclamation

How did Stonewall Jackson die? ____

he lost his arm in the Battle of Chancellorsville and bled to death

The battle of Gettysburg occurred in Pennsylvania (the north) what was Lee doing in Northern Territory? ______

looking for shoes for his troops

List three goals of the Anaconda Plan

-gain control of the Mississippi Rv.

-blockade the southern coast

-conquer Richmond

The _______ was winning most of the Battles in the West at the beginning of the war


The _______ was winning most of the battles in the East at the beginning of the war


Ulysses S Grant gained what good nickname using his first initials

"unconditional surrender" Grant

New Orleans

the most populous city in the south

John Brown

Radical {cray-cray} abolitionist


a natural fortress along the Mississippi River


the Confederate capital

Blockade Runners

brought much needed supplies to the South


had a nervous breakdown

trent affair

1861 event that nearly brought Britain into the war

Who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln? (FULL name) _____________

John Wilkes Booth

the Montior and the Merrimac were two _________ that fought in the Civil war


what was the first battle of the Civil war called?

-First Bull Run


-First Manassas

What union officer gained control of the upper Mississippi River before becoming the Union's last commanding general? _______

Ulysses S. Grant

__________ was the last Confederate city to hold out on the Mississippi River finally being starved out when their supply lines were cut on July 4?


oddly enough, what confederate general had a tie with Arlington National Cemetery that is located across the Potomac from Washington D.C.? _____________

Robert E Lee

what was not a name of one of he phases of Reconstruction

Bourbon Reconstruction

what man promoted the 10% plan for restoring statehood to the South

Abraham Lincoln

besides Bill Clinton who is the only other president to experience the impeachment process

Andrew Johnson

what president was completely honest himself but had numerous scandals in his administration


what party did the south vote for from Reconstruction until 1972


by how many electoral votes did Rutherford B. Hayes win the election of 1876


what newspaper cartoonist brought down the head of Tammany Hall with his drawings

Thomas Nast

who was the corrupt leader of Tammany Hall stealing over $100 million

William Tweed

Andrew Johnson

illiterate and a tailor

Wade-Davis Bill

Republican's plan for Reconstruction

13th Amendment

abolished slavery

14th Amendment

granted full citizen rights to blacks

15th Amendment

guaranteed voting rights no matter the race

Ulysses S. Grant

believed the president should allow Congress to run the nation

Black Codes

southern attempts to control former slaves

Tenure of Office Act

almost caused President Johnson to be impeached


Northerners who traveled South during Reconstruction to 'help'


Southerners who were sympathetic to the North

Ulysses S. Grant

it was said of him, "He combined great gifts with great mediocrity"

Rutherford B. Hayes

he won the disputed election of 1876

Andrew Johnson

he did not get along at all with Congress while he was president


people who wanted to free the South from military rule

who is considered the first Progressive president? _________

Theodore Roosevelt

what were two of the means proposed by progressive to further reforms? ____________

1) direct democracy

2) government efficiency

3) government intervention

List two of the Progressive Amendments and what they sought to accomplish

the 16th- established an income tax

the 17th- direct election of senators

the 18th- established prohibition on alcohol

the 19th- woman's sufferage gave women right to vote

who were the muckrakers? __________

writers priding themselves on depicting the corrupt political events without any idea or suggestion of fixing these stated problems

Cornelius Vanderbilt

a 'greedy' robber baron, he controlled railroads

Andrew Carnegie

controlled the steel industry and offered o buy the Philippines

John D. Rockefeller

he owned the Standard Oil Company

J.P. Morgan

His business was $ and was called the 'Emperor of Wall Street'

Jack London

famous author who wrote The Call of the Wild

Mark Twain

otherwise known as Samuel Clemens

James A. Garfield

Our 20th president he only served for 6 months

Chester A. Arthur

known as the gentleman president, takes after Garfield

Grover Cleveland

only president to serve twice in non-consecutive terms

H.J. Heinz

strong Christian who sold things in clear containers

W.J. Bryan

famous lawyer in the Scopes Trial

J.B. Duke

controlled 40% of the tobacco market

situated in ______, Ellis island served as a processing station for new immigration

New York Harbor

"Give me your tired, your poor, your ______"

huddled masses yearning to breathe free

A fear of many immigrants was that they …….

might be denied admittance

in the early 1930's more people chose t o_____ than emigrated to the U.S.

emigrate to Canada

from 1880 to 1921 a record _______ immigrants arrived in the U.S. looking for jobs and opportunitites

23 million

The USA did not have _____ (limits) on _______ from and particular country that could enter the country

quotas; how many immigrants

from the Colonial era to 1880, most immigrants came from ______, Ireland, or ______ in Northern Europe

England; Germany

Between 1880 and 1921, _____% of all immigrants to the USA came from ____ and ______ Europe

70; southern; eastern

In 1850, only ___% of Americans lived in cities… By 1900, ___% of Americans lived in cities

15; 40

City growth was due to ___ Americans moving to cities and ____ entering the USA

rural; immigrants

the majority of immigrants worked in __________

industrial jobs

In response to the low wages, long hours, and dangerous working conditions, many workers joined ______ to _______ for improvements

labor unions; collectively bargain

among the first labor unions in america was the _________

Knights of Labor

In the construction of the Transcontinental RR, the Central Pacific started building where?


What cultural group of people helped build the Union Pacific line?


Finish this phrase "_________ last stand"


what was the greatest nemesis of the sod house?


what was THE goal of the Indian wars for the American Gov't?

Put indians on reservations

what kept the Plains Indians alice but was almost annihilated?


Sioux war

the only war that the US lost

Dry Farming

method used to conserve water on the plains


young men who received about $40 a month

cattle drive

started in Northern Texas

Great Plains

Also known as the Great American Desert

Dawes Act

meant to protect the Indians but failed


first monopoly in the US

In 1862, Congress passed the ______ giving ___ acres of free western land to anyone who promised to farm the land for __ years

Homestead Act; 160; 5

___% of homesteaders ___ to make it the required 5 years… but those who were successful transformed America into a _______

60; failed; food exporter

In 1890, westerners formed a new third party to bring about reforms called the _____ party


the new party demanded the end to pro-business, laissez-faire policies and began to regulate _____ to force them to lower rates on farmers


they wanted a national _____ to take the burden off ))))))

income tax; farmers

called for an amendment to allow citizens (not state legislators) to vote for ______


populists demanded _______: using currency based on ___ and ___ in order to ____ the money supply

bimetalism; gold; silver; inflate

what president was shot and died eight days later?

William McKinley

which of these WAS NOT a part of Progressive aims n government?

Tax breaks

Which amendment was the first federal income tax?

16th amendment

which amendment gave women the right to vote?

19th amendment

which amendment banned the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages?

18th amendment

which amendment allowed for direct election of U.S. senators?

17th amendment

before panama gained it's independence, what country controlled the area?


what was Taft's policy in foreign affairs called where American investors would pour money into foreign countries?

Dollar diplomacy

what supreme court legitimized segregation with the 'separate but equal'

Plessy V. Ferguson

what is the term for when citizens can initiate legislation? _______

initiative of proposition

Who is the author of The Jungle? ______

Upton Sinclair

Who was the baseball player-turned evangelist? _______

Billy Sunday

Before the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk what business were they in? ______


in what year did World War I begin?


Which one of these countries WAS NOT a member of the Allies?


the assassination of this man sparked the war in the Balkans

Archduke Ferdinand

How many soldiers and civilians were killed in WWI?

20 million

Who was the president of the U.S. during WWI?

Woodrow Wilson

Who was the Russian dictator that removed Russia from WWI?

Valdimir Lenin

WWI officially ended on what date? ______

November 11th, 1918, 11AM

When WWI broke out, what 3 countries were called he Triple Alliance or the Central Powers? _________

Germany, Autria, and Italy

Wilson's 14th point called for the creation of a _____ of _____

League of Nations

What is one of the two other names for WWI besides WWI? _______

The war to end all wars


The Great War

The sinking of the _____ angered Americans and made it more likely the U.S. would join fires against the Central Powers


In the ______ telegram, _____ was promised Texas, New Mexico and Arizona for joining the Central Powers and attacking the United States

Zimmerman; Mexico

The Western Front of the War from the English Channel to the Alps was fought in ______ warfare


Young American troops were freshly trained for war were called _______

dough boys

what was the most popular form of media in the 1920's?


what mass-produced consumer good became the #1 industry of the 1920's?


who became a celerity for making the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927?

Charles Lindbergh

which of the most popular critics of Franklin Roosevelt planned to fight the depression by taxing the rich?

Huey Long

who was president go the U.S. during most of the Great Depression?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR attempted to change the influence of which branch of government by adding more justices?

Supreme Court

How many justices did FDR want to add to the bench? _________


President _____ promised a "return to normalcy" after WWI


President ______ statement that the "business of America is business" communicated the laisse fair attitude the government took towards business in the 20's


How did companies in the 1920's help Americans buy goods that they could not afford? ____


what was the celebration of the African-American culture through new artistic, literary, and musical forms? __________

Harlem Renaissance

Give one reason prices were so cheap on consumer goods in the 1920's? ______


18th Amendment

prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol

19th Amendment

gave women right to vote in national elections


bar or club that sold illegal alcohol

Sacco and Vanzetti

Suspected communists, convicted of murder

John Scopes

prosecuted for teaching Darwinism

Bank Holiday

all banks closed only strong banks reopened

Fireside chats

Roosevelts's weekly radio broadcast

Volstead Act

laws passed to enforce the National Prohibition


a person who transported alcohol illegally


moved from OK to CA during the Great Depression


shanty town built outside major cities

(has anyone seen Petticoat Junction!? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)


severe windstorms, failed agriculture in the midwest

What were the three R's of President FDR's New Deal Program? _______




which new deal recovery program helped farmers……...

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)

which new deal recovery program gave jobs to young meant afed 18-25 to plant trees and build roads and parks

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

which was the largest job-creation program of the New Deal, creating jobs for 10 million Americans including artist, musicians, construction, teachers, doctors etc

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

which new deal reform regulated the stock market

Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC)

Which new deal reform protected American from future bank failures

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

which new deal reform offered pensions for elderly Americans and welfare for single mothers and the disabled

Social Security Administration (SSA)

For the first time in American history FDR decided to get American out of a depression by active government spending even if the government did not have the money to spend. What is the concept called when the government goes into debt to stimulate the economy? _________

deficit spending

the depression finally came to an end in the 1940's when America joined _______


What was black Tuesday (Oct 29,1929) and why is it such an important the in American history?

the stock market crashed and the bank panics began the Great Depression

what term is identified with the 1920's?


which of the following countries was left out of the Washington Naval Conference?


this president was known for being quiet

Calvin Coolidge

this president has a lot of scandals occur but most people found out about it after he died

Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding

he looked like a president but was not very good

Herbert Hoover

president during Great Depression

Woodrow Wilson

the only democrat on the list

Calvin Coolidge

he became president when Harding died

Sigmond Freud

we need to get rid of inhibitions in order to be emotionally healthy

Albert Einstein

theory of relativity

William Jennings Bryan

involved in Scopes Trial

During the depression who was most respinsiblie for bringing attention to the inequalities and racism suffered by African American and the inequalities that women faced in the 1930's? ________

Eleanor Roosevelt

He had this a EC but it is prob not on final:

four factors that led to the conflict of WWI



and since he never gave me mine back I don't remember the other two I think

extreme nationalism? and ?????