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Name the president who won the 1924 election but was unable to attain true reform.
Coolidge. He was successful in reducint the national debt and easily won the 1924 election. he failed to address the economic needs of farmers
In 1919 Congres passed the Volstead Act which created the Prohibition Bureau. What were some the challenges that plague the bureau
Federal agents were underpaid, outnumbered and lacked adequae economic support. It was not illegal to drink alcohol. the items to make stills available for purchase in grocery stores.
50 cent a gallon to make/sell for 4 dollars a gallon'.
Medicinal prescriptions increased
Each federal agent had 2000 sq miles to patrol
one of out of every 12 agents were fired for accepting bribes
Name the tow most successful federal agents responsible for over 4000 arrets
.Izzy and Moe Federal agents Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith were accountable for more arrests than any other agents 1920-1925 4932 arests (1/5) of arrest in NYC. They were fired after raiding the elite 21 club
Identifu the amendment that established prohibition and the one that repealed it
.In 1917 Congress propese the 18th amendment which prevented the manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating liquor. In 1919 Congress passed the Volsted Act which established the Prohibition Bureau. 1920 the 18th amendment was implemented It was repealed in 1933 with the 21st amendment. This was the olnly ammendment repealed.
What ultimately led to the decline in popularity of al capone
.He went to jail for tax evasion
Recognize some of the heroes of sport and adventure in the 1920's from babe ruth to charles lindbergh
.Babe Ruth 60 home runs in 1927
knute Rockne-coach of notre dame, only lost 12 games from 1919-1931
Red Grange-gained 3637 yards in 20 games
jack:iron Mike : dempsey- heavy weight champ from 1919-1926
Getrude Ederle-First woman to swim the English Channel 2 hours faster then male record
Charles Lindbergh 1927- COmpleted the first solo non stop flight across teh Atlantic Ocean
Lindbergh's success made im an instant celebrith and proved that air transportation was possible
1932 Charles a lindbergh Jr. was killed
how did MarcusGarvey's message differ from that of the NAACP
..Marcus Garvey believed that black Americans hould take pride in thier African heritage and in their own culture and achievements. In 1917 he launced the UNIA to help African Americans gain economic and political independence entirely separate from white society. The UNIA started a shipping company to support the "Back to Africa" movement among black americans.NAACP aggressively pursued the passage of a federal anti-lynching law to counter mob violence agains blacks in the SOuth.
Whatt was the ppurpose of the Johnson-Reid Act of 1924? As a reult of its passage what became of the largest immigrant group allowed into the US
.It limited annual immigration to 161,0002. limited the number of people from any nation to 2% of the total number living in the US in 1890. Latino or Mexicans were the largest immigrant grop allowed into the US
What was questionable about the Sacco-Vanzetti Trial?
.Antiforeign hysteria climaxed in the trial of Sacco-Vanzetti two anarchist immigrants from Italy
By 1924, the KKK had membership at over 4 million. It violently target what groups of individuals? What events contributed to their decline?
.It targeted african americans, catholics jews and foreign born americans. The deline was 1/internal conflicts 2/successful immigration restrictions 3/return of economic prosperity 4/ corruption---in 1925 david stephenson, leader of the kkk in indiana was found guility of murder
What was the key issue of the Scopes Trial
.In 1925 John Scopes was broght to trial in Tennessee for teaching evolution in the public schools which was against state law. william Jennings Bryan served as part of teh prosecution team in the 1925 Scopes trial
what factors lead to Herbert Hoover's easy win in the election of 1928
what was referred to as black tuesday and black thursday
.Black Tuesday, October 29,1929 was despite wall street financier's injection of $100 million of their own money into the stock market, the market suffered the greatest drop in its history on Black Tuesday, Octover 29, 1929
what was hoover's initial response to the Depression
By 1933 unemployment stood at what percentage
what happened to the scottsboro boys
Chapter 24 what prompted the Bonus Army Clash? Who was the leader of the Bonus Army? How did the Clash end?
How did the professional and persnal experiences of FDR prepare him to becomepresident?
HOW did FDR repond the banking crisis during his First Hundered Days?
March 6, 1933 4 day Bank holiday March 9, 1933 Emergency Banking Act- Only sound banks could re open. those who could pay thier depositers
How many fireside chats did FDR eliver during his presidency?
.He delivered 30 during his presidency. The first one was March 12, 1933. He said The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
What was uniqe about the CCC
.The CCC worked to improve and protect nation's natural resources- It employed men 18-25 and paid 30 a month. You could be employed for up to 2 years. By 1942, 2.5 million men had been employed. The CCC may be unique because heavy machinery was not used only the muscles of the men. Another unique feature was women weren't allowed but Elanor Roosevelt demanded that a token number of women be allowed to join.Another unique feature was it erased the stigma of getting welfare relief from the government, because, even though you were getting help from the government you worked hard for it.
How did the government's policy towards agricultural reform chnge after passage of the agricultural adjustmen act
.Government encouraged farmers to destoy crops and reduce thier acreage
what did the tennessee valley authroity do
The Tennesse Valley Authority constructed dams and power plants along the Tennessee River. It werved to control floods and provide electricity to individulas in a seven state area
recognize the imortance of john steinbeck's work GRApes of Wrath
What was the appeal of HUEY long. What happened to long
.He was a Louisiana Governor from 1928-1930. he taxed utilities and improved the infrastructure and education in the state. In 1930-1935 US Senator and proposed teh "Share the Wealth program. Redistribution of wealth program was all family inheritance over 5 million a year was taken over. 2/ 100% tax on those who made $1million or more a year. Long promised each person 2,000 a year a free car, home , radio, and college education.On sept. 8,1935 he was assassinated by Carl Weiss Jr. He died next day at the age of 42.
identifu the prupose of the following New Deal programs:WPA the FDIC and Social Security
What did Roosevelt seek to accomplish through the JUdiciary Reorganization Act of 1937?
.Granted President the power to appoint additional justices to the Supreme Court for every justice over the age of 70 who refuesed to retire
chapter 25 wht ere some of the consequences of isolationism in the 1930
.Depression. Perception that WWI didn't solve problems. Japan (Manchria-1931) Italy (ethiopia-1935)
what nations were views as aggressor nations during the 1930
Germany and Italy. Japan
how did FDR approach change from from his support of cash and carry to passge of the lend-lease act
what is appeasement what nation was impacted most directly by this policy
The policy in which a nation gives into the demands of an aggressor because they are either justified and or limited in order to maintain peace. At the Munich Conference in 1938, Hitler stated that he had no territorial demands to make on Europe. Then in march 1939 Germany invaded CZechoslavakia. SO GERMANY benefited
WWII officially begin with the invasion of poland on spetemt 1 1939 and ends with the peace on aust 14 1945
what is blitzkreig or lightening war
how did churchill repond the evacuation at dunkirk and the attle of britain
how did the japanesed hope to accomplish with their attack on pearl harbor what mistakes did the japanese make as a result of the attack
gen douglas macarthru and admiral chester nimitiz became the mmost important us commanders in the pacific theater
what was teh supreme allied commander during wwII
How did churchill resond the evacuation at dunkirk and the attle of britain
how did the us repond to japan's aggression in 1940
What did the Japanese hope to accomplish with their attack on Pearl harbor? What mistakes did the Japanese make as a result to the attack
General Doublas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitiz became the most important US commanders in teh Pacific theater
Who was teh Supreme Allied Commander during WWII
.Identifu the significane of the Bataan Death March
.what was europe's first strategy
what was executie order 9066
Executive ORder 9066 (1943) authorized the Wartime Relocation Agency to relocate Japanese Americans to internment camps established throughout the Southwest. 62% werer American citizens
what was the strategy for the d-day invasion on june 6, 1944
what was the significane of the battle of teh bulge
The Battle of the Bulge was German counter-offensive against Allied line. Allies outnumbered 10:1. Ger advance created a bulge in the Allied line. Allies begin costly push from East, West, and South approximately 80,000 us killed or wounded
what did v-e day celebraye
.May 8 1945
name the three leaders who represent the big three at the yalta confernece what where the terms agreed to at the conference
Joseph Stalin Soviet union. FDR USA. Winston Churchill Great Britain
what was the significance of the battles at iwo jima and okinawa
who became the new president oupon the death of fdr
.harrry S. Truman
what was the code name for the develoment of the atomic bom by the us
what was teh significane of the trinity test in 1945
what did the ultimatum was issued to japapn by the us at the potsdam conference
co. paul tibbets ws teh ppilot who dropped the first atomic bomb on hiroshima. where was teh second bomb dropped and why were the effects of its blast more devastating?
what rationale ws used by truman in his decision to drop the bombs
what were targets of Hitler's policy of extermination? hom many were killed as a result of this policy? why did the us and its allies not respond quicker to the policty>
.6 million jews were killed . in addition 5 million others were killed: Gypsies, Intellectuals, Roman catholics and Mentally and Physically disabled