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What are the 3 major functions of the urinary system?
1. To rid the body of nitrogenous waste
2. Homeostasis of water (increase in water intake = increase urine output)
3. Homeostasis of solutes (things that dissolve in liquids)
What organs are involved in the urinary system?
Kidneys, Ureters, Urniary Bladder, and Urethra
List the external anatomy of the kidney.
A. Renal capsule (membrane that surrounds)
B. Hilum (artery, vein, and ureter enter here)
C. Adipose (prevent ptosis - cushions and holds in place)
D. Renal fascia (cortex)
List the internal anatomy of the kidney.
A. Renal Cortex
B. Renal Medulla
1. pyramids (point of pyramids = renal papilla)
2. columns (between pyramids - contain vessels)
C. Renal Pelvis - forms collecting cup that picks up urine
1. major calyx (where each ninor calyx comes together)
2. minor calyx (cups that pick up urine around each renal papilla)
What is a nephron?
Basic unit of the kidney (1.25 million/kidney)
What is the main function of the nephron?
to produce urine
What is the nephron made up of?
1. Renal Corpuscle
2. Renal Tubule
3. Collecting Duct
What makes up the renal corpuscle?
a. Glomerulus (system of capillary networks - has afferent and efferent arterioles)
1. Fenestrations (little tiny holes - leaks)
b. Glomerular Capsule i.e Bowman's Capsule (double layer with podocytes (slit pores - cells of visceral layer - foot cells)
What makes up the Renal Tubule?
a. proximal convoluted tubule (cuboidal cells - microvilli)
b. nephron loop (descending limb = simple squamous - ascending limb = cuboidal and columnar)
c. distal convoluted tubule (cuboidal cells w/microvilli)
Where does the main blood supply come from that carries blood into the kidneys?
The renal artery
What carries the blood away from the kidneys?
The renal vein
Trace a drop of blood through the kidneys starting with the renal artery ending with the renal vein.
Renal artery --> interlobar artery --> arcuate artery --> interlobular artery --> afferent artery --> glomerulus --> efferent arteriole --> peritubular capillaries --> interlobular veins --> arcuate vein --> interlobar vein --> renal vein
In the kidney, where is the interlobar arteries and veins found?
between lobes/columns - in the medulla of the kidney
In the kidney, where is the interlobular arteries and veins found?
in the cortex of the kidney
How much of the body's blood supply is filtered through the kidneys?
about 1/4 (1200ml/min)