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The urinary system consists of

Two kidneys two ureters urinary bladder and urethra

What do the kidneys do

form urine, excrete / conserve water, electrolyte balance, acid base balance, activate vitamin D, produce erythropoeitin

What does erythropoeitin do

hormone that stimulates production of red blood cells by bone marrow produce renin

What does the activation of vitamin D do

Makes a hormone to regulate calcium and phosphate levels in blood stream

What is a normal urine output

1000 to 2000 ml / 24hr minimum 30 cc an hour

What is a urinalysis

10 milliliters of urine is collected and looks for blood, protein, glucose, leukocytes, or drugs

What is a urine culture

Identifies bacteria presents collected before antibiotics continued with a sensitivity test to determine if antibiotics will kill bacteria

What is a 24 hour urine test

Discard first urination collect urine for 24 hours collect last P after 24 hours

Blood urea nitrogen bun

Elevate renal function 7 to 20 milligrams / DL is normal

Suprapubic catheter

Inserted through incision in lower abdomen into the bladder

Urine specific gravity

1.002-1.035 lower equals dilute higher equals concentrated

What medication is used to treat UTIs



Bladder wall

What medication is used for your in pain and turns pee orange


What are the types of calculi

Calcium oxalate, purine, struvite, magnesium ammonium phosphate stones

Can be caused from chronic UTI


Obstruction in urinary tract

Kidney enlarges as urine collects

Bacille calmette....guerin vaccine treats

Bladder cancer, put in bladder and help stimulate immune system to kill bladder cancer cells

Kidney cancer risk factors

Smoking, obesity, hypertension, long-term kidney dialysis

Define oliguria

Production of abnormally small amounts of urine

What disease is irreversible and effects all body systems

Chronic kidney disease

75% nephrons lost

Define uremia

Urea in the blood

Peritoneal dialysis

Done by patient


artificial kidney removes waste

Thiazide diuretics

Block sodium reabsorption and increase water excretion treats moderate hypertension

define gout

Caused by inability of kidneys to clear uric acid from blood