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layers of blood vessel walls
tunica interna (intima)
tunica media
tunica externa (adventitia)
tissue of tunica interna
from aorta to vena cava, list hierarchy of vessels
aorta, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins, vena cava
plaque in arteries (in tunica interna)
varicose veins
valves in veins fail
blood from left subclavian artery flows into what vessels as it moves toward left arm?
left axillary artery
blood in radial artery comes from what blood vessel?
brachial artery
an aneurysm is a weakened, expanded portion of artery. ruptured aneurysms can lead to rapid blood loss. describe significance of aortic aneurysm vs digital artery aneurysm
-loss of blood in digital artery aneurysm would be minimal due to small size of artery of finger and fact that finger is not vital organ
-rupture of aorta would be fatal as vessel is very large and rapid blood loss would follow
pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs. umbilical arteries carry mix of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. why are these blood vessels called arteries?
an artery is defined as vessel that carries blood from heart and not by what kind of blood is contained w/in vessel.
what is name of outermost layer of blood vessel?
tunica externa
what type of blood vessel has valves?
blood from common carotid artery next travels to what two vessels?
internal and external carotid arteries
blood from right brachial artery travels to what two vessels?
right radial and ulnar arteries
where does blood in right subclavian artery come from?
brachiocephalic artery
internal carotid artery takes blood to what organ?
from what blood vessel does descending aorta get blood?
aortic arch
what is general name of large vessel that takes blood away from heart?
left common carotid artery receives blood from what vessel?
aortic arch
name 3 blood vessels that exit from aortic arch
brachiocephalic, left common carotid, left subclavian arteries
name all blood vessels that would carry blood cell from left ventricle to right thumb
Left ventricle to ascending aorta, to aortic arch, to subclavian artery, to axillary artery, to brachial artery, into right radial or ulnar arteries, to palmar arch arteries finally into digital artery of thumb.
basilic v
dorsal venous network --> brachial v
cephalic v
dorsal venous network --> axillary v
IV fluids often administered thru distal end of this vein
cephalic v
most common site for drawing blood
median cubital v
vertebral a
subclavian a --> spinal cord, meninges, deep muscles of neck, cranial bones --> basilar a
external carotid a
common carotid a --> thyroid, lingual, facial, occipital, maxillary, superficial temporal a
internal carotid
common carotid a --> orbit, 80% cerebrum
facial a
external carotid --> skin and muscles of face
temporal a
external carotid --> chewing muscles, nasal cavity, scalp, dura mater
maxillary a
external carotid --> teeth, maxilla, oral cavity
occipital a
external carotid --> posterior scalp
basilar a
vertebral a --> circle of willis
internal jugular v
brain --> subclavian v
external jugular v
c vertebrae, spinal cord, deep muscles of neck --> subclavian v