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Rivalry based on special interests of different people/areas.

How did sectionalism appear in the U.S.?

Different ideas on slavery, economy, and other topics.

Describe the major changes that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

New inventions, factories, ways to communicate and transport, and cities, new machines.

What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on the North?

The towns grew into cities that had factories that manufactured new inventions.

What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on the South?

They used new inventions such as the cotton gin, steel-tipped plow, mechanical reaper, and thresher so they could harvest crops faster and easier.

How did the Industrial Revolution impact both the U.S. economy and sectionalism in the U.S.?

The economy started booming because of new inventions, and faster and easier work. Sectionalism got worse because now farmers needed slaves even more, and the South wanted farming and the North wanted manufacturing.

Explain how both transportation and communication advancements impacted westward expansion.

Roads were better, we could travel by water, railroads were made for faster transportation, and telegraphs for faster communication.

Manifest Destiny

The belief that the U.S. was destined by God to expand West from coast to coast to provide for our growing nation.

Which president embodied the idea of Manifest destiny? How?

James K. Polk because he wanted to expand West and take Oregon from Great Britain, and gain new land.

Name 5 reasons people moved West. (Other than Manifest Destiny)

1. Cheaper

2. Carries more

3. More comfortable

4. Faster and easier

5. Gold Rush

Give 3 reasons the U.S. slave trade was called the Second Middle Passage.

1. Treated slaves like animals

2. Lots of slaves traded

3. Separated from families

Why did the South fight so hard to keep slavery?

Slaves helped them keep their farms running and keep the economy good.


Wanting to end slavery in the U.S. during the 1800's.

Name 2 ways abolitionists worked to improve society and help slaves.

1. The Underground Railroad

2. Led slave revolts/rebellions

Horace Mann


Lyman Beecher

Minister, temperance, religion

Nat Turner

Former slave, abolitionist

Dorothea Dix

Disabilities (mostly) and women's rights

Frederick Douglass

former slave, abolitionist, escaped to North

William Lloyd Garrison

white abolitionist

Thomas Gallaudet

opened Hartford Education for the Deaf, disabilities

Louis Braille

disabilities, invented Braille

Samuel Howe

printed a book in Braille, disabilities (visually impaired)

Harriet Tubman

former slave, abolitionist, Underground Railroad

Susan B. Anthony

equal pay for women and better education, women suffrage

John Brown

white abolitionist, led raid, hanged

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

organized 1st women's rights convention