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What are society's answers to life longings?
poularity, consumerism, individualism, immediate gratification, sexyal permissiveness,and technological fixes
In what ways are humans made to be the image of God?
we are made like god through our images and relations
an expression used to describe God to try to describe the great mystery of God
what are the 4 understandings of responding to God's gift?
1) Faith is a gift 2) God makes the first move 3) we have to want to take the gift
the way we view the world
What are the 3 crucial tasks of adolescents?
1) the development of capacity for friendship 2) The development of a healthy sexual identity 3) the development of a more mature parent-child relationship
Is trusting God a matter of the heart or head?
it is a matter of the heart
How do trust and belief influence each other?
You need one to have the other
How do we get a worldview?
Through experiences
What are the two aspects of faith in God?
trust and belief