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What's the name of the Indian god that the pullavas worship? and what does it stand for?
SHIVA ... she is the lord of the dance, who guards against disease and the serpent gods
What is the setup and the "Possession" of the dancing Pullavas?
last as long as 12 nights, use 4 banana tree trunks which are 4 ft high, 10 ft apart, decorated with palm frawns, flowers, birds made of leaves, the mandula - floor paintings, shows 8 intertwined serpents cobra headed, flower paintings made of incense, rice, coconuts, etc.
What country did the YORUBA reside?
West Africa
Where is the Yoruba dance directed?
The dance is directed down to life and to sustain earth
What are the two ORISHA categories?
HOT(Unpredictable) & COOL(Predictable)
What's the yoruba dance drama called? and what does it represent?
EGUNGUN: it represents the ancestors of before
Original purpose of Indian Belly Dance
To help women in labor feel at ease.
What transitional effect did culture have on the belly dance and the bharata natyam?
Ancient Hebrews used dance for what?
To contact visible powers
Greek word for music, dance, poerty? How did they regard dance?
Mousike.... they integrated it into their daily life...
Describe the movement of the MAZE dance
dance weaving spirals based on the floor plan of minos palace.
How did greeks most commonly use dance?
To sing and dance well was to be well educated... 2 dances.. ignoble(freak dancing)...noble(fine and fair)
what were the 4 PYRRHIC for preparing greeks for battle?
PODISM - quick shifting mvmts with feet
XIPHISM - mock battle
HOMAS - high leaps and jumps and vaults
TETRACOMOS - stately grouped formations
what are the 3 types of greek dances and meanings?
What effect did catholic church have on dance in ancient rome?
did not approve of these dances convinced scholars and emperors they were not good.. so they turned it into a sport..for the slaves to fight.
A. How did church fathers of christianity regard dance?
B. How did they accept it into christianity?
A. Dance was shunned..spirit was stronger than the body.
B.a body free from desires could dance.
What's the center of Mother Ann's belief?
Equality for all sexes.
What were the 4 justifications for dance with the shakers?
a. physical motion added a greater dimension to prayer
b. since dance was directed by a holy spirit, it's a gift from god, it should not be neglected
c. worship should be passive but active using the whole body for the praise of god
d. congregational dancing expresses profound unity and cooperation, characterizes gods people and affirms equality of sexes
What was the Square Order Shuffle patterned on?
the vision of angels dancing around the throne of GOD.