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Are subgroups in a society that maintain all or part of distinct racial ethnic or cultural identity

Heritage, religious identity


Cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements including patterns of inequality

Maybe between people the physical environment or the spiritual world


An esoteric language used by a subgroup to communicate with one another it is generally not well understood by outsiders and serves as a barrier of understanding between the dominant culture and subculture

Teens may speak different language

Cultural lag

The disconnect in a society that occurs when material culture changes more rapidly than the non material culture

Islanders never seen an airplane


The sum of a society's values beliefs behaviors knowledge language and material objects that form a peoples way of life

An individual's beliefs behaviour knowledge language


The world integration of government policies cultures social movement and financial markets through trade and the exchange of ideas

Coca-cola globalize service many countries


A culturally distinct system of symbols vocal and non vocal that allow members of society to communicate

Spoken or not spoken or symbol

Material culture

The tangible artifacts created by a culture such as flags and


Non material culture

The intangible world of ideas created by a member of society also could be heritage or holidays are other things that are non material

Holidays heritage


Cultural patterns in which segments of a society maintain a distinctive identity different from that of a dominant culture

Americans and foreigners all speak English but have their own language


Symbols contain both material and nonmaterial cultures objects take on different meanings in different cultural contacts

Organizational culture

Another form of culture that often plays a significant role in shaping our experience in the workplace


A form of a simulation where in an ethnic or racial group or an individual takes on the cultural ways of another group usually that of a mainstream culture off and at the expense of traditional cultural ways

African Americans coming to America they lose their culture and adapt to the new culture


A process whereby a previous distinctive accident ask Nick group merges socially into another group usually dominant or mainstream society forms and of a simulation include a culture ization structural a simulation marital a simulation and identification Allah simulation


The process of denying rights and opportunities to a group or categories of people based on prejudice or arbitrary rationale

Hiring because somebody's black or Asian


For marriage or interbreeding between persons of different racial groups commonly uses refers to laws passed prohibiting such married or act


Rigid generalizations about an entire group or catagories of people