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When was the Provisional Government established?

2nd March, agreed by Duma and Petrograd Soviet as a result of Tsars abdication.

Who was President of the Provisional Government?

Prince Lvov

Why did PS allow PG to assume authority?

They were awaiting for a constituent assembly to draw up a new constitution.

Who was the only socialist in the Petrograd Soviet?

Kerensky he was the only socialist in the executive committee.

Who did the Provisional Government mainly consist of?

Liberals, Kadetd and Octoborists.

Who did the Petrograd Soviets mainly consist of?

Mensheviks, Radicals and Social Revolutionaries

Who were Provisional Governors replaced by?

Liberal Commissars

What did Milyukov say when someone asked 'Who appointed you?'

"We were appointed by the Revolutionary itself."

What was wrong with the Provisional Government?

Lacked legitimate authority

No claim upon the loyalty of the Russian people.

No an elected body.

What were the Petrograd Soviets regarded as?

'Guardian of rights of workers'

What was a major weakness?

Unofficial partnership with the Petrograd Soviet.

What was the Petrograd Soviets role?

Role as a supervisory checking that the interests of soldiers and workers were fully understood by the new government.

What did Order Number 1 do?

Restricted the Provisional Government authority.

What was Order No 1

Decrees of the Provisional Government in regard to military affairs were binging only of they were approved by the Petrograd Soviet.

What did the effects of Order No 1 mean?

No control of army. Unless a government has control of its army it does not hold any real power. Order number 1 made it clear that the PG had not alt of power=compromise with Soviet.