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Excurrent (Conifer) refers to trees that
have a single leader and tend to be cone shaped
Leaves separate from a branch at a zone of cells known as the
abscission zone
Which of the following does not have an opposite leaf arrangement
oaks (Quercus)
Monoecious plants have
Both male and female flowers on the same plant.
The arrangement whereby MORE than two buds are located at the same node is described
The female portion of a flower is the
The correctly written name for black or river birch is
Betula niora
Sexual reproduction in a tree requires
pollen and female receptacles
Douglas fir/(Pseudotsuga mensiesii) and mountain ash/(Sorbus) are two examples of
how common names can be misleading
Dioecious trees have
male and female flowers on separate plants
The arrangement whereby MORE THAN two buds are located at the same node is described
A simple leaf has
one blade, one petiole and one bud.
The section of a shoot between the attachment of two alternate leaves is called the
A tree that has a fastigate (up) growth habit is
If a tree's foliage is described as serrate, the leaves
have "teeth" pointing forward.
An important reason to learn scientific names of trees is that
a. Each tree has a unique scientific name
b. one tree may have serveral common names
c. two different trees may have the same common name
d. all of the above
A deciduous tree is described as
shedding foliage as it goes dormant for the winter