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What are the three external structures of eukaryotes that they can have?




What are the 4 microbes that Eukarya are relevant to?

Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Helminths

What was hypothesized as the reason for Eukaryotes existing from Prokaryotes?


What is endosymbiosis theory?

That a prokaryotic cell engulfed a small prokaryotic cell, and both cells contiued to reproduce and live.

What supporting evidence are found in eukaryotic cells that are clear prokaryotic components?

DNA, ribosomes, circular chromosomes

Study the Eukaryotic cell on Mcgraw from hw.


Where is Cilia found? (Two different places)

SIngle group of protozoa, and certain animal cells

What are two functions of Cilia that Flagella in eukaryotes, cannot perform?

Feeding and filtering (both do motility)

What are 2 structural differences between eukaryote cells and prokaryote cells?

Eukaryotic flagella is 10X larger

Has more internal organelles

What is the difference between fungi, algae, and protozoa?

fungi - Cell wall made of Chitin

algae - Cell wall made of Cellulose

proto - No cell wall

What is the difference between yeast and molds?

yeast is round, hyphae is threadlike

What are the two morphologies that fungi exist?

Yeast and Hyphae

For yeast, what is budding?

Asexual production

In fungi, what is the technical term for mold?


What is a good comparison for Hyphae?

cottonny, hairy

Which one produces spores? Yeast or Hyphae?


Which produces spores? Yeast or Hyphae?


Where is the Glycocalyx located?

Outer most layer of cell

What is Glycocalyx made out of?


What are three functions of glycocalyx?



signal reception

What does the rough endoplasmic reticulum do?

synthesize protein and pass it on

Why is the rough endoplasmic reticulum, rough?
the ribosome

What three things does the smooth endoplasmic reticulum do?

process nutrients


store lipids

What does the Golgi apparatus do?

modifies and stores proteins

What is the function of Mitochondria?

Energy production via respiration

What is the function of ribosomes and what is its weight?

protein synthesis; 80S

What are microfilaments and microtubules involvement in for movement?

cytoplasm, amoeboid movement, and structure support