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What does Metaphysics mean?
the area of philosophy concerned with fundamental questions about the nature of reality? (pg 50)
What us the problem of permanence and change?
Imagine a new born baby sensing the world around him for the first time. He or she must sort out what sensations are independently permanent (rattle) and transitions (an itch). In our universe can we find stability? Do physical elements persist throughout changes? Or is that decided by non material external principle.
What is the problem of appearance and reality?
Some sensory information such as a stick in water or the changing size of the moon appears to change or become distorted. Likewise if our views are just illusions we would be as the book puts it lost travelers in newyork trying to navigate ourselves with a map of Chicago.
What are the two major metaphysical questions about the nature of persons
1. The Mind-Body Problem
2. Freedom and Determinism (pg 53-54)
What are the two positions that philosophers take on metaphysics? What are there subcategories?
1. Metaphysical monism (There is only one kind of reality)
1a metaphysical materialism
1b idealism
2. Metaphysical dualism (pg 57)
What were Decartes' s 3 principles?
1. Doubt:
he can doubt his body exists
he cannot doubt his mind exists
the mind and body are not identical
2. consciousness
material objects can't think and cannot have the property of consciousness. However the mind does. Therefore the mind and body are not identical.
3. divisibility
the body and mind interact with each other. Identical objects cannot interact thus the mind and body are different.