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What is relaxation?
Its the way we fight fatigue.
Either physical mental or both.
What is Fitness?
A condition that helps us look feel and do our best.
What is stress?
Nonspecific response of the body to an unanticipated unexpected event.
What is the largest part of the brain?
Then cerebellum
What is Panic Disorder?
Unexpexted and repeated periods of intense fear or discomfort.
What is the central nervous system?
The brain and the spinal cord
How much sleep does a child need daily?
Between eight and nine hours.
Where are the adrenal glands?
What is mental health?
The ability to perceive reality as is.
What is the cardiac muscle?
The muscle of the heart.
What is self esteem.
Combination of self confidence and self respect.
What is skin?
Skin is the outside covering that protects cells and organs from the environment. Largest organ.
What does OCD stand for?
Obsessive Complusive Disorder.
What is the largest part of the brain?
Then cerebrum
What is a latchkey child?
A child left without adult supervision before or after school.
What is the skulls function?
Protects the brain.
What are the organs of sight?
How do we care for our teeth?
Flossing and brushing daily.
What is the largest muscle in the body?
What is the respitory system composed of?
Where is the thyroid gland located?
What kind of bones make uo the spinal column?
Its a vertebrae
What are the five senses?
Vision, Touch, Hearing, Smell, Taste
What is the liquid component of the blood?
How many lobes in the brain?
Two lobes
Name two types of muscles
Involuntary and voluntary
Which parts of the body does the brain control?
Touch,motor,smell,speech,reason,hearing and vision
What is the spinal cord?
It links the brain to the parts of the body
How many parts does the brain have?
Three parts
What is the digestive system?
stomach,small intestines, large intestine, esophagus, mouth
What is the skeletal system?
Composed of 206 bones. Provides support, protection and mobility.