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Charles Monet went to ____ Cave?
Why did the animals go to the cave?
Salt crystals
How did Dr. Moskue get the disease?
By cutting into Monet
What happens when the needle is put in Monet's arm?
Blood wouldn't clot; blood kept pouring down his arm
The disease jumped from ____ to humans.
What is the name of the disease?
What is Nancy Jaaz afraid of?
What does Nancy do for a living?
She is a vet
Why does she have to take off her rings?
They could burn a hole in her suit.
What is the decon shower used for?
What's the difference between healthy and sick monkeys?
Healthy ones are rowdy and sick ones are calm and quiet.
Is Ebola a DNA or RNA virus?
Why was the disease spread in hospitals?
Dirty needles
Where was the major breakout?
What is the shape of the virus?
Sheppard's hook
What's the final stage of the infection?
Bleeding between flesh and skin
What is a sentinel animal?
Animal introduced to test for the presence of a virus.
What do they wear in the cave?
Gas masks and pillows cases.
What was Dan Dalgard in charge of?
Taking care of the quarantined monkeys
Where was Reston?
Near Washington DC
Why was Jahrling annoyed by the monkey sample?
It was wrapped in tin foil & dripped blood on the carpet
What does Jahrling do to all the monkeys in the room?
Injects them with lethal anesthetics to kill them all
Normally, living cells coat the bottom of a flask to create ____?
A carpet
What did the cells in the flask appear to be?
Sick and dead
What had happened when Dan returned from Thanksgiving?
5 monkies had died
What were the viruses getting ready to do in Medusa?
Getting ready to hatch
What way were they afraid of contracting the disease?
By smelling it
Where would you have to go if they thought you had the disease?
The slammer
What kind of cells did Tom Geisbert put in the electron microscope?
Monkey liver cells
How many animals has Dan Dalgard been in contact with?
Where did they 1st discover the desease in the United States?
Outside washington
What about the disease are they afraid of?
That it might be airbourne
How do the employees prepare to go into the monkey houses?
Tyveks suit, respirator, gloves
What do the employees at the monkey house have to do with the dead monkeys?
Double bag the monkeys and dispose of them
Did the monkeys bleed internally?
Why were the beakers made of plastic?
So glass wouldn't cut their suits
Did McCormick and the army get along?
What happened when McCormick was taking blood from someone?
He injected himself
The monkey house is very similar to what place?
Kitum Cave
What was the Army to do in Room H?
Euthanize the monkeys and take tissue samples
Who was leading the first team into the monkey house.
Jerry Jaxxe
What was the primary mission of the two man teams.
Kill monkeys infected with ebola
How many monkeys are alive in the building?
What did C.J. and McCormick argue about?
Keeping Milton Frantig at Fairfax Hospital
What did they decide to do with the monkeys?
Kill them and perform necropsies on them.
What did they do with the waste products?
Pour them down the drain.
Why did the woman not get the virus even though she had a hole in her suit?
air pressure
What did the T.V. crew see?
an abandoned building
What happened to the monkey Rhonda tried to draw blood from?
It was still awake and blood squirted everywhere
What were the test results for Jarling's blood?
Came out negative for Ebola
What did the team find after they euthanized all the monkeys?
A freezer which contained frozen monkeys
What happened to Milton Frantig?
His fever went down and he was released from the hospital
Why did Preston visit Jaaz in TMDS?
To interview about the Reston event.
What country did they think Ebola came from?
What were the first smells he thought of when he got back to Africa?
Cooking fires and blue gum wood.
How many percent of prostitutes do doctors believe are walking along the main road with AIDS?
How long can Marburg survive in water?
5 days
What was Jarling paranoid about having the virus?
Because he bumped his head on a stalactite.