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What where tradition businesses attitudes towards the environment?

1) the environment is a "free and unlimitted good'

2) private interest > common good

What are regulations? How do they operate and criticism?

Provide a legally enforceable standard and determine how pollution bills are paid.


- hard to create fair system in governance

- high shutdown and industral relocation costs

4 methods for achieving our environmental goals?

1) Pricing mechanisms

2) Regulations

3) Incentives

4) Combination of methods

What are incentives and list the pros and cons?

gov supply firm tax break or match grants


- min gov intergerence

- allows for voluntary action


- low process

- finacial aid for polluters

What is pricing mechanisms? List the pros

- charge firm according to level pollution produced

- polluters accountable for cost of their pollution

- pollution cost = expense. Motivate firm to reduce

What is a pollution permit?

sets litmit amount pollution firm can produce