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I am honest, upright, and a hard worker. Many people in Salem look up to me. It is important for me to feel I am living the right way. Who am I?
John Proctor
I have been in Salem 3 years. I want the deed to my house and expect more money. I am unsure why people do not seem to like me. Who am I?
Reverend Parris
I am an expert on witches, witchcraft and signs of the devil. Who am I?
Reverend Hale
I love my husband despite catching him having an affair with Abigail. Who am I?
Elizabeth Proctor
I live with my uncle, Rev. Parris. I worked for the Proctor family until Elizabeth fired me. Who am I?
I am an old woman who has had several children and many grandchildren. I don't think the girl's illness has anything to do with witchcraft. I hope Rev. Parris will send Rev. Hale home so there will not be any more trouble in Salem. Who am I?
Rebecca Nurse
I am a farmer who lives 5 miles from Salem. I have stopped attending church because Rev. Parris only preaches about golden candlesticks and sinners going to Hell. Who am I?
John Proctor
I have given birth to 8 children but 7 have died soon after. I think it is the devil's work and sent my daughter Ruth to Tituba to find out who is responsible. Who am I?
Goody Putnam
I am the wealthiest land owner in Salem. I am bitter because one of my relatives was not chosen as minister several years ago. I have several people I would like to seek revenge on. Who am I?
Thomas Putnam
I made a poppet while sitting in court and gave it to Goody Proctor. Who am I?
Mary Warren
I am a cranky old man. I cannot hear well, and I frequently sue people in court. I suspect my wife is reading strange books and want an explanation. Who am I?
Giles Corey
I work for Rev. Parris and came to Salem from Barbados. I love Betty and fear I will be blamed for her sickness. Who am I?
I became sick after the birth of my last child. I thought I was too plain for my husband to love me and blame myself for his affair. Who am I?
Elizabeth Proctor
Abigail told me that she and the other girls were only dancing in the forest for fun. If I had told this to Rev. Hale at the beginning, the ending could have been different. Who am I?
John Proctor
I drank chicken blood and asked Tituba to cast a spell on Goody Proctor. Who am I?
I am one of the girls who was out in the forest but I only watched. I think we should just confess to dancing because we will only be whipped. Who am I?
Mary Warren
I harass Tituba until she finally breaks down and confesses to working with the devil. Who am I?
Reverend Hale
I caught the girls dancing in the forest around a kettle. No one ever wonders what I was doing in the forest that night. Who am I?
Reverend Parris
I am the leader of the girls. I am an orphan and watched my parents murdered by Indians. Who am I?
Abigail Williams
Which college did Reverend Parris graduate from?
I placed a needle in the stomach of the poppett and blamed Goody Proctor for the needle I found sticking me in my stomach. Who am I?
Abigail Williams
I can't seem to make up my mind about what I think or want. I am a weak person and easily led. Who am I?
Mary Warren
I work for the Putnam family and was caught dancing naked in the forest. Who am I?
Mercy Lewis
I came to question Mr. and Mrs. Proctor about their values because Elizabeth was mentioned in court as a possible witch. Who am I?
Reverend Hale
How old is Mary Warren?
18 years old
Why is Mr. Proctor suspected by Reverend Hale?
He hasn't been attending church regularly. His third child has not been baptized.
Which of the 10 Commandments does John Proctor forget?
Thou shall not commit adultery.
What did Reverend Parris preach for 20 weeks to get?
golden candlesticks
Why does John Proctor dislike Reverend Parris?
He preached for golden candlesticks. John doesn't see the light of God in Rev. Parris. Rev. Parris wanted the deed to his house and more money.
What type of animal did Elizabeth Proctor catch and cook?
a rabbit
What does Abigail pretend to see up in the rafters when she is confronted by John Proctor and Mary Warren in the courtroom?
A little yellow bird.
What happens to Giles Corey when he refuses to name his informant to Judge Danforth?
He is condemned and arrested.
What does John Proctor say at the end of Act 3 to show that God is not present in the court proceedings?
"God is dead."
Elizabeth lies in court and says that John is not a lecher. What is this an example of?
How does Rev. Hale react to Judge Danforth condemning John Proctor?
He quits the court.
How many people signed a petition stating that Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey and Elizabeth Proctor are all good God fearing Christians? 73, 91, 102
What does John Proctor find out about his wife Elizabeth when he goes to court with Mary Warren in Act 3?
She is pregnant.
How do Abigail and the other girls convince Judge Danforth that there is witchcraft in Salem?
They all pretend to be freezing cold and blame it on Mary Warren. They copy everything Mary Warren says. They pretend to see a little yellow bird up in the rafters that flies down and tries to attack Abigail.
What does Giles Corey accuse Thomas Putnam of?
Reaching out for land. Anyone who hangs, loses their land. It cannot be willed to their family. Then it goes up for auction and the highest bidder can buy it.
How can a person accused of witchcraft save themselves from hanging?
Confess to working for the devil and name the names of others who work for the devil.
What does Reverend Hale advise John Proctor to do before stating his case to the court?
Get a lawyer.
Abigail tries to work her plan to have John all to herself. Why is the ending ironic?
John Proctor is condemned and hangs while Elizabeth lives because she is pregnant.
What happens to Abigail in the end?
She stills all of her uncles money and runs away?
What does Giles Corey say right before he dies?
More weight.
Why did Giles Corey prefer being pressed to death to hanging?
If he hanged, all of his land would go up for auction. If he is pressed to death, his family gets to keep its land.
Who is the protagonist in the play?
John Proctor
Who is the antagonist in the play?
Abigail Williams
By the end, who feels the most responsible for all the lives that have been lost?
Reverend Hale
Who does Rev. Hale beg to speak with John Proctor to try and change his mind about confessing?
Elizabeth Proctor
Why doesn't Elizabeth feel she should try to change her husband's mind?
She would rather he die with peace than live a life regretting the lie he told.