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What are the 6 general principles recognised by the CJEU ?

  • Respect for fundamental rights
  • Principle of proportionality
  • Principle of equality
  • Principle of legal certainty
  • Principle of respect for procedural rights
  • Principle of subsidiarity

Case with German applying for free butter having to produce a coupon with name and address challenging that this infringed his fund rights ?

Stander v City of Ulm (1969)

Case about an override of German constitutional law where ECJ reiterated its commitment to to respecting fundamental rights ?

Internationale Handelgesellschaft (1970)

Case involving a coal wholesaler challenging a ECSC decision as being in breach of his company's fundamental rights re free pursuit of business activity ?

J Nold KG v Commission (1974)

Case involving a Danish fishing boat illegally in UK waters and retroactive application of the law offending legal certainty ?

R v Kirk (1984)

Case concerning challenge to an overly harsh forfeiture for failing to submit an export license within the time limit that offended proportionality ?

R v Intevention Board ex p Man (Sugar) (1985)

Case where sugar subsidies challenged by glucose producer as offending equality ?

Royal Scholten-Honig Holdings Ltd v Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce (1978)

Case where a scheme change regarding the sugar market contended on basis of legal certainty (legitimate expectation) ?

August Toepfer GmbH v Commission (1978)

Case where an EU law challenged on basis of its creation of criminal environmental offences offended subsidiarity principles ?

Commission v Parliament & Council (2005)