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Which was not a problem faced by texas in early 21st century?
terrorist attacks on houston refineries
the cowboy president refers to
George W. Bush
We all have a stake in what the govts do because governments....
have a daily impact on our lives
three cities among the ten largest in the US
dallas, houston, san antonio
government .... (3 things)
1. organizes disputes
2. creates fair procedures for competing
3. decide who will benefit
What wasnt a challanged that texas faced in recent years?
a loss of population
most scholars believe that the texas constitution is...
texans attitudes towards the government are...
many are suspicious of govt
federal mandates and reductions in federal funds have forced state and local govt to scramble to....
develop more effective and efficient means for assisting low-income populations
political and economic structures
are fundamental problems in texas
after the revolution in 1836 during reconstruction, and even today into the 21st century, texas continues to struggle with
how to fund education
in developing its myth of origin texas placed the ______ at the center in its creation of a seperate unique political order
battle at the alamo
the texas myths have primarily been the myths of
political culture can best be defined as ____ which give order and meaning to political process
a set of attitudes, beliefs, and sentiments
political scholar, daniel elzar, notes that american culture is broken down into
1. individualistic
2. moralistic
3. traditionalistic
the ____ subculture holds that governemtn should interfere as littles as possible in the private activities of its citizens while assuring that adequate public facilitiesare available to permit others to pursue their own interests
the moralistic subculture believes that public policy initiatives can come from
those outside formal governmental structures
the ___ subcultures dominate general views in texas of what govt should do, who should govern, and what constitutes good policy
individualistic and traditionalistic
politics in texas
is designed to minimize the role of government, tax averse and manipulated by elites
currently the native american population living in texas is
nearly 3%
Mirabeau B. Lamar, president of the Republic of texas, felt that native americans should be ...
expelled, defeated, and exterminated
there was an effort at the constitutional convention of 1845 to
strip hispanics of the right to vote
the hispanic share of the population in texas has increase because of
immigration and higher birth rates among hispanic women
for the most part african american reside in
the area of east texas where whites and their slaves originally settled
an indication of the recnt change in the political power of the african american population in texas is the increase numbers of african american ...
elected officials at all levels of governtment
the traditionalistic subculture was brought to texas by
the slaveholding whites who migrated to texas from the lower south
the term "anglos" refers to
the "white" population
changing demographics in texas has led to a decrease in the percentage of anglos in texas from a high of ____% in 1860, to ___ % by the 2000 census.
what was no an indication of improvement for minotities in texas
there have been no cases for racial violence or cruelty since 1965
although the asian american population in texas is relatively small, this is an example of increased political power among this ethnic group
the election of asian american to major political offices
what public policy issue is illustrated by the funding divide between non-minority and minority school districts and discussions concerning social serviice recipients?
the racial divide
the population of texas after the 200 census was
nearly 21 million
texas is now ____ the most populous state in the nation
high population growth rates in texas are explained, in part, by....
a higher birth rate and in-migration from other states
approximately ___ texans over the age of 5 speak languages other than english
7.4 million
the increasing numbers of older texans and their higher political participation rates
will result in more political clout for the group
what will no be an effect of the aging popultaion of tx on public goods and services
increased state revenue
texas settlement patters are currently characterized by...
urbanization and suburban sprawl
during the decades of the 1970's through 1990's about __% of texans lived in urban areas.
according to the text, conflict in texas politics has often been divided by ___ interests
urban and rural
___ refers to the number of residents living within the boundaries of a city, county, or state in relationship to the land area.
population density
which texas county has the smallest population
the poverty level for a family of four in texas in 2007 was set at
By 2030, it is possible that about __ % of texans will live in poverty
approximately what percentage of texans do not have health insurance?
___ will be a primary factor in determining whther texas can successfully compete in a new global economy
public education
in 2007 what percentage of the anglo population in texas had college degrees?
in 2007, ___ had the lowest percentage of high school graduates
education not only helps determine a persons employment and income potential, it also effects his or her participation in
texas is a big state that covers ___ square miles
historically the health of texas economy has been linked to ...
oil and natural gas
it is estimated that during 1986 and 1987 texas lost a total of __ jobs.
in the early 1980's about __% of the economy of texas was reliant upon energy-related industries.
economic reversals including failing savings and loan institutions, falling property values and property taces happened during...
the 1980's
texas currently has the ___ largest economy in the nation
after the disasters of the 1980s, which were caused by an over-reliance on energy. tx diversified economically by shifting to
high tech industries
the term "high tech" is generally used to describe business activities that
produce new technology
the economic diversity of texas can be described in terms of ___ distinct economic regions
the high plains region is dominated bu agriculture production whose major source of water is the
edwards aquifer
older anglo farmers, dairy men and loggers living in ___ may garner more political clout due to the aging population of texas, even though their own poupulation is dwindling.
the uppers east texas region