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refersto an irregurally shaped egg; describes their compositionsMomentof action, asymmetrical compositions

louis xiv

dies 1715. pompous guy who locked people into the castle sun king


absolute control


a form of government in which power is held by the nobility.

french academy

the school where they teach art toeducate the public through art so France can stay on top

charles Lebrun

LouisXVI named him Directtor of AcademyCreatedthe concrete idea of a hierarchyVoiceof academy established style we recognize today

the salon

Annual exhibition the French held2salons at each end of the Hall: the salon of war and peaceAmbassadorswould be sent to either or depending on which side of the spectrumtheir country fell. Kind of political

the grand manner

Subject Matter (must be historic)

Thought- put understand into illustration Structure- composition, make sure public can get it

Style- veer away from any individuality as much as possible so can’t tell one artist work from another

hierarchy of genres

-History painting-coronation, religion, war etc

shows man at their very best

-Portraiture-just copying

-Genre/’low-life subjects’ usually of peasants

everyday life


- Landscape


-mort (still life)


Diana After the Hunt 1738

Triumph ofVenus (Boucher)

C. 1743 101cmX87cm Companion pieces Titles meaningless just Venus being Venus Vey stylized dolphins artificial Merpeople people of the sea her followers

The Gracious Shepherd (Boucher)


The Odalisque (Boucher) 1740

Nattier Portrait of Mme. Pompador as Diana De la Tour Mme. 1758

Seated Cupid 1757

Boffrand:Hotel du Soubise

Fete Goulant: Fete Venitienne Watteau Le Mezzetin Gilles

The Island of Cythera L’Enseigne de Garsaint

Chardin La Raie Returning from Market


fragonard The Bathers

fragonard The Progress of Love: Meeting

william Hogarth: The Harlots Progress

Self Portrait

The Strode Family Hogarth

the swwing?


The Rakes Progress

Royal Academy of Art

The Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution based in Burlington House on Piccadilly in London doesnt cost money

The Analysis of Beauty

Hogarth's book on his perception of beauty.

Modern MoralSubjects

hogarth type of painting which satirizes the manners and morals of the period in which he lived.

Conversation Pieces

a type of genre painting in which a group of figures are posed in a landscape or domestic setting, popular especially in the 18th century.

Locus uberimus

rich and fertile

Locus amoenus

Love that is frustrated

Louis XV

shy, quiet, has illegitimate children


came to represent golden age, beautiful full of yearning/occasional regret, place of excitement


ease, languid, still, relaxed

fête galante

an outdoor entertainment or rural festival, especially as depicted in 18th-century French painting

Commedia del arte

is a form of theatre characterized by masked "types" which began in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the advent of actresses

RamseySelf Portrait


The Montgomery Sisters

KebbelThe Montgomery Sisters

KebbelMrs Siddons as the Tragic Muse

GainsboroughThe Morning Walke

ZoffanyMembers of the Royal Academy

Blue Boy Gainsborough

Mrs. Siddons Gainsborough