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Key: Chaos, unexpected, innocence, joy of living, original

Means: Nothing can harm you, start a new chapter in life, expect the unexpected, unconventional people in your life.

R: Folly, madness. Look before you leap
The Fool
Key: originality, confidence. Positive action, creativity.

Means: New Beginnings, new cycle, sense of purpose, willpower, initiative. New enterprise.

R: Deception and trickery. Be careful whom you trust
I The Magician
Means: A secret is about to be revealed. Strong feminine influence, mystic power, psychic ability, memory, instincts.

R: Delay all plans, there are hidden obstacles/enemies. Be discreet.
II High Priestess
Key: maid/mother/crone symbology, fruitful harvest.

Means: abundance, material/domestic comfort, security and protection. Maybe motherhood, nurturing, firm foundation fro future progress. Spring.

R: over-protective, tyrannical, emotional blackmail and perhaps poverty. Possibly problems with pregnancy
III Empress
Key: confidence, accomplishments, only see one side of life.

Means: High honor, achievement of ambition. May show influential man whose help may be required. Bosses, people in authority.

R: tyrannical attitudes and abuse of power. Ambitions unfulfilled, craving status.
IV Emperor
Key: moral law, spiritual fatherhood, divine/intellectual/physical triad

Means: a wise and capable advisor, forgiveness and comfort. Influence of embellished faith, power of conscious mind. Teacher, rules to live by, might offer advice.

R: Bad advice, bewilderment. Crisis of faith, disorderly conduct. Making one's own rules without reference to what has gone before.
V Hierophant
Key: Strong emotions, choice of the heart.

Means: A decisive point has been reached. Important choice must be made with reference of true desires rather than duty. Dramatic change of attitude will lead to a happier times. Love, reconciliation, physical pleasures. Happy personal/business relation

R: unhappy love, failure to make up one's mind, unwelcome separation and emotional loss.
VI Lovers
Key: Success, warn of arrogance.

Means: Victory, conquest over difficult odds. Force of destiny which drives one to achieve great things. Travel, movement generally, renewed optimism and motivation. Be self-reliant and you will gain success. Unexpected good news.

R: Being out of control. Arrogance and bad temper. Travel plans that go wrong, temporary delays and frustration.
VII Chariot
Key: honor, reliability, fixed sense of purpose, recovery.

Means: physical strength, courage defeating mean attitudes and hatred. Triumph over enemies. Fight for fair play.

R: Cowardice, loss of nerve. Giving in, being beaten by unfair means. Must overcome inner fears to find strength
VII Strength
Key: ignorance of unknown, willingness to make the most of the future.

Means: caution, patience, old age, experience. Prudent attitude is advised, sudden courses of action not wise. Realize there is always something new to learn.

R: Impatience, loneliness, obstinacy. Don't disregard advice from older and wiser folk.
IX Hermit
Key: Earthly power, fates.

Means: A turn for the better. end result of past actions, workings of destiny. End to current problems, some marked strokes of luck.

R: Bad luck, unpleasant surprises. Wheel will turn in your favor eventually.
X Wheel of Fortune
Key: Justice

Means: good judgment, success in legal affairs. Decision will go your way. Unity, balance, harmony. Righting of a wrong. Advantageous business proposal.

R: Injustice, bad judgment, decisions going against you. Misguided advice, legal matters will not go well
XI Justice
Key: Reversal of the expected

Means: Temporary pause in life. Go with the flow and accept changes that are occurring. Cultivate patience. Perhaps sacrifice something so something greater can be gained. Events may make you feel uncertain.

R: Selfishness is holding you back. Manipulation, especially emotional blackmail. Perhaps you are playing the martyr.
XII Hanged Man
Key: Change

Means: Transformation, change which is a blessing in disguise. Clearing out which will make way for something better. Harsh fate, no concern for feelings. Major change in life.

R: an enforces change, removal of something that should have been given up. Loss of a friendship.
XIII Death
Key: Mixture, flow of the unseen or unconscious into seen and known.

Means: Careful control of volatile factors resulting in successful conclusion. Harmonious partnership, peace restored after troubles. Self-control ad adaptability. Power of imagination making wishes fulfilled.

R: Quarrels, competing interests, unfortunate combos of events and people. Corruption and domestic strife.
XIV Temperance
Key: Tyranny, inevitable disaster.

Means: Unyielding power, tyranny, lust, greed. Immovable obstacle that cannot be overcome but may be worked around. Discontent and depression caused by an overwhelming force. Unbreakable bonds.

R: Beginning of freedom, light at end of the tunnel, overcoming bad habits and addictions, charitable deeds and thoughts.
XV Devil
Key: Broken trust, narrow view of the world, nothing can stand against divine will.

Means: breaking down of outworn sense of values. Sudden shock is blessing in disguise. Freedom from old, possibly self imposed, restrictions. Disruptive change is inevitable but not to be feared, come thru better and stronger.

R: false accusations, imprisonment, oppression. May initiate change/rebellion that will shock/dismay others
XVI Tower

Means: Insight, understanding, hope for future. Card is good indication that wished will be fulfilled, not always as one expects but can have good result. Good health, gifts. Spiritual dimension of life should not be ignored.

R: Tension, pessimism, obstinacy, lack of opportunity. Bright hopes have been dashed.
Key: Dichotomy, truth lies between them.

Means: Take care, all is not as it seems. Use intuition to deal with a deceptive situation. Path is difficult and may case fear, but continue along even if beset by doubts because all will turn out well.

R: Unforeseen perils, lies, and terrible risks. Be careful, hidden enemies lurk, keep your wits about you.
Key: Happy, gifts of life

Means: Success, glory, happiness, joy, achievement. Pleasure, vitality, good heath, good reunions. Summer, sunny places. Children.

R: Some delays or minor setbacks, but all is basically well.
Key: Death and rebirth

Means: New potential. An opportunity not to be ignored. Call to fresh efforts. New project and decision will affect the rest of your life. Career success and enjoyment of past efforts. Speeds up pace of other cards, outcome will be quicker than expected.

R: Opportunities ignored, fear and refusal to move from a position. Fear of death and illness. Refusal to change when change is vital. Delays outcome of other cards.
XX Judgement
Key: Cycle completed, reconcile of opposites

Means: Completion of any task, rewards of labor and success. Triumph in all your undertakings. End of one cycle starts another. Best card in the pack.

R: Success is yet to be won. Perhaps own insecurity stands in way of completion. Too great an attachment to what IS at the expense of what COULD be. May be lacking in vision.
XXI The World
Key: Seeking

Means: Don't be afraid to leave the past behind. Travel. Plenty more to see and experience. If disillusioned with life, take heart because future promises to be brighter. Follow your heart.

R: Running away from problems, abandonment of what is good and secure in pursuit of impossible dream.
VIII of Cups

Love and understanding between two people. Harmonious relations and emotional contentment. May be opposites attract. Cooperation, mutual respect, friendship, ending of rivalry.

R: Divorce, separation, possibly temporary. Infidelity, betrayal, disappointment.
II of Cups

Happiness and reunions. Parties and meetings, love affairs and flirtations. Pregnancy or birth. Weddings.

R: taking other's feelings for granted, unbridled passion and promiscuity, love triangle, affection not returned
III of Cups

Familiarity breeding contempt. Need a new start to renew spark in old relationship. New interests/friends/activities required

R: fear of loneliness and over-indulgence in physical pleasures to starve off boredom. Depression leads to alcohol abuse.
IV of Cups

Loss of a relationship, sorry, emotional hurt and feeling of worthlessness. Outlook is good and urges you to move on and look elsewhere for happiness.

R: Difficult circumstances, yet you will gain more than you have lost. Unhappy time will soon end.
V of Cups

Strong links to the past, perhaps old friend or lover will turn up soon. Childhood, past efforts are to be rewarded. Answer to specific question lies in similar situation in the past. Move of home nearer to pt of origin.

R: Nostalgia, inability to accept change or adapt. Bad memories and old, unresolved pain.
VI of Cups

An importatnt decision has to be made, many options to choose from. Make decision carefully, all is not as it seems. Doorways of opportunity open, need to develop intuition to know which to pick.

R: False hope, loss of opportunity through wrong decision making or inaction. Emotional fantasies.
VII of Cups

Excellent social life, parties, good friends and fun. Places where people meet. Good health, happiness, popularity. Relationships will be very fulfilling. Ease of communication and flow of new ideas.

R: Vanity, complacency, overly sentimental attitudes, carelessness. Partner may feel neglected.
IX of Cups

Peace friendship, good companionship, family happiness is going to last. Excellent card for group activities denoting success and fun. Wish fulfilled and everything will work for the best.

R: Mistrust and rivalries in a previously happy situation. Losing touch with friends and relatives. Feelings of isolation and misunderstanding.
X of Cups

Start of love, inspired by creativity that is nurtured by fruitfulness and happy times. Artistic excellence, love affair, marriage, betrothal or birth. All affairs of the heart will prosper.

R: Bitterness, exhaustion, despair. Loss of faith in love and disenchantment within a relationship. Love affair coming to an end. emotional stress or unreal expectations of love.
Ace of Cups
Pale with fair hair and blue eyes

Young person or one with a youthful cast of mind, gentle and loving, artictic and insightful. If a girl, somewhat tomboyish, if a boy then somewhat feminine. Emotionally vulnerable and needs affection.

R: Trivial and spoilt person who manipulates others' feelings. Perhaps lives in a dream world.
Page of Cups
A beautiful woman with expressive eyes and sensuous lips. Fair hair.

Warm, sympathetic and sociable woman. May be artistically gifted and very imaginative. Honest, loyal, and devoted to those she loves.

R: Vain and immoral woman who is deceitful and perverse. Constantly demands attention.
Queen of Cups
Young man, often well travelled with fair complexion, casual in appearance.

Faithful love or good friend, enthusiastic, passionate, amiable. Brings offers and opportunities. Poetic and graceful.

R: Idle swindler, false lover who is a heart-breaker. Possibly shows a lover going away.
Knight of Cups
Mature man who has achieved something in life. Usually with good complexion and clear, liquid eyes.

Sociable, loving, sensuous man with intelligence and strong intuition. Warm-hearted and loyal, he enjoys the comforts of life and has a love of the arts. Responsible and generous.

R: crafty and possibly hot-tempered man. Gives a misleading impression. Very secretive and may be easily hurt.
King of Cups

Hard times but you will cope. Income equals expenditure but finances are still coming in and you will be solvent. An exercise in intelligence dedicated to improving a difficult situation. Cash flow crisis. Spreading resources thinly.

R: reckless attitudes to money and security. Unwise gambling, possibly resulting in bankruptcy.
II of Pentacles

Use of skills and talents in order to make a profit. high achievement, rising above friends and opponents equally. Possibly being the subject of envy from those who are less talented. Sometimes moving house.

R: a waste of talent. Attitudes that are too conservative or refusal to take a risk.
III of Pentacles

Material stability, holding on to the security and possessions you have gained. Financial problems will be overcome and you will find yourself comfortable.

R: Miserly attitudes, a grasping mentality, avarice, discontent, envy of others.
IV of Pentacles

Monetary loss, hardship. Not alone in misfortune. All is not lost, fresh opportunities await to be found. May be looking for financial/emotional support in wrong place.

R: Bankruptcy or other great loss which could have been avoided. Rapid change of attitude to money is now needed.
V of Pentacles

Money is put to good use. Help form someone else, charity, gifts and benevolence. DO not waste this bounty but put it to good use. someone sees hidden talents in you. Financial support. Outstanding debts will be paid.

R: Money flowing out like water. Squandering of resources. Careless loss of possessions.
VI of Pentacles

slow growth and forward planning. Long-term plans will come to fruition eventually, but much paitne effor tis needed. You may feel that you are going nowhere fast, but this is not the case--be persistent.

R: Idleness, wasted efforts, discouragement.
VII of Pentacles

Development of new skills, patient effort towards a long-term goal. Adding to one's education, gaining qualifications. Skills you learn now will eventually be turned to profitable ends. Work now for future rewards. A new job.

R: Impatience, a desire for quick success at the expense of reputation and quality. Loss of a job.
VIII of Pentacles

Enjoyment of the comport that money can buy. Prosperity, good sense, financial shrewdness. good administration of resources and shows that relaxation is now possible after hard work. Purchase of new furniture, connection with gardens.

R: heavy debts, or a successful life that rests on the misfortune of others. Danger of theft.
IX of Pentacles

Wealth, success, honor. Good family life and excellent relations between generations. Inheritance and family property. Can be marriage and carrying on of family tradition.

R: Hidebound tradition stifling new thought. Problems of inheritance and family disputes over money
X of Pentacles

Beginnings of prosperity. Firm foundation upon which to build. Security, stability, financial improvements. Possibly a windfall or monetary gain through gambling.

R: Greed, insecurity and financial worries. Unsound investments and stupid speculation
Ace of Pentacles
Dark man who holds considerable responsibility

Practical realist. A businessman, bank manager or farmer who has considerable wealth. Generally married and very shrewd. Despite wealth he is unpretentious. Stable personality, slow to anger.

R: Stupid, unimaginative man who is easily bribed. Associates with gamblers. Bad enemy to make.
King of Pentacles
Swarthy or earthy young man with very dark hair and eyes.

Conventional, practical your man who leaves nothing to chance. Accepts responsibility easily and is no stranger to hard work. Trustworthy and steadfast.

R: Boring, statics personality with little imagination. Dull, timid, smug, careless.
Knight of Pentacles
Introverted boy or girl with black hair and eyes and a swarthy or tanned complexion.

Conscientious person. thrifty and capable, Has little money but splendid prospects. Student with sense of duty. Patient person. Also there may be good news about money.

R: A wastrel, dissolute and impatient person who has a constant need for money. Scrounger.
Page of Pentacles
Large, motheryly woman with strong constitution and cheerful demeanor. Dark coloring.

Sensible, matronly woman, good head for business. Kind hearted and charitable, also taste for luxury. Sometimes moody, general personality is caring.

R: Possessive and miserly woman who hates change, possibly a harlot. Suspicious, mistrustful person.
Queen of Pentacles

Friendship at a time of adversity. Ally upon whom you can depend. A decision has to be made logically, no clues as to direction to take. Balance between matched opponants.

R: malicious trouble-making. Betrayal by someone you trust, trickery, fraud. Your own indecision may be to blame.
II of Swords

Painful ending of a relationship. That which has stood in your way is not being removed. Possibly 3-way relationship in which heartache is inevitable for one or all. Minor surgery possible.

R: Confusion and worry, a great upheaval that causes stress. The healing process has begun, even though you have a long way to go
III of Swords

A need to retreat from the troubles of life. The opportunity to rest and to put your thoughts in order. Peaceful interlude during which strategies can be worked out. Visits to hospitals, not nec. illness.

R: Illness, exile, confinement. Gloomy thoughts and depressive attitudes. Nervous exhaustion enforcing rest.
IV of Swords

Failure and loss. Defeat in battle, a conflict will go against you. cut your losses and swallow pride. May have to back track and start again. Course you are taking will be nothing but misery, must accept change is necessary.

R: Stubborn pride and refusal to give in, even when all is lost. Attendance at funeral (trad. interpretation)
V of Swords

Movement away from danger. Discretion being the better part of valor. Travel in company, others in same circumstance. Immediate problems solved, a positive direction to go in.

R: Delays and petty problems, partial success and inability to see where you're going
VI of Swords

Direct confrontation to an opponent will not work. Must be cunning and use all wiles to defeat enemy. Perhaps you have to sacrifice something in order to succeed. Efforts may not be whole-hearted.

R: Theft, lies, malice. Look after possessions and don't give trust too readily
VII of Swords

Run of bad luck, feeling of being trapped and powerless. Patient effort is needed to get out of difficult situation. Help available if you can forget pride to ask for it. Restrictions gradually fade.

R: Frustration taken out on others. Being your own worst enemy. Placing restrictions on yourself.
VIII of Swords

Anxiety and sleepless nights, spite and slander which undermine confidence. Suffering that is for eventual good. female health problems, possibly self-punishment and guilt.

R: A refusal to accept hep or even feel that improvements are possible. There is light at the end of tunnel
IX of Swords

Worst card in the pack. Betrayed,lost, cold, loveless, lowest point in fortune. Improvements can only follow.

R: Troubled time which will go on for a while yet. Don't give into negative thinking or you will ruin your own prospects.
X of Swords

Start of an unstoppable movement. Things changing for the good. Success is guaranteed, cut through all obstacles. Battles to be fought, but with courage and intellect nothing can stand in your way for long.

R: Injustice, wanton abuse of power, misunderstandings, malice. Mental stress and anxiety
Ace of Swords
Mature man with dark hair and yes. Professional advisor.

Intelligent man in position of trust and authority. Wise and loyal advisor. Logical and calm, dislikes overt displays of emotion. Requires a lot of mental stim.

R: Distrustful, suspicious person who intrigues and plays mind games. Double dealer or con man
King of Swords
Tall, dark haired young man with lot of charm and wit.

Eloquent and confident person who is fast-moving and easily bored. Can be impetuous and is type who breezes into one's life and breezes out. Good ally with subtle reasoning powers.

R: quarrelsome and possibly violent person, secretive and treacherous. Apparently honest, is actually a liar.
Knight of Swords