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Old Testament is divided into 4 sections
Law, History, Poetry, and Prophecy
Describe the books that cover the Law
The Foundation for Christ
Describe the books that cover the History
The Preparation for Christ
Describe the books that cover the Poetry
The Aspiration for Christ
The Expectation of Christ
What chapters do the Law cover?
Genesis to Deuteronomy
What chapters do the History Cover?
Joshua to Esther
Genesis theme
The election of the nation
Exodus theme
The redemption of the nation
Leviticus theme
The sanctification of the nation
Numbers theme
The direction of the nation
Deuteronomy theme
The instruction of the nation
Joshua theme
The possession of the nation
What chapters do the Poetry cover?
Job to The Song of Solomon
What chapters do the Prophecy Cover?
Isaiah to Malachi
Judges - Ruth Theme
The Oppression of the nation
I Samuel Theme
The stabiliaza
II Samuel Theme
The expansion of the nation
I King 1-10
the glorification of the nation
I King 12-22
the division of the nation