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hohmann retractors
-hand held
-most commonly used in orthopedic procedures
weitlaner retractors
-self retaining
-multiple blunt or sharp teeth
rochester carmalt (hemostat)
-longitudinal grooves
-ligation of stumps or pedicles
hand held retractors
-lagenback, army/navy, senn
suture scissors
-cutting and removing suture
-blunt or sharp tipped
-hooked or curved blades
adson forceps (rat toothed)
-single toothed
-may damage very delicate tissue
-preferred for skin/fascia
adson-brown forceps (rat toothed)
-multiple teeth
-broad but delicate grip
-pencil grip
mathieu needle holder
-palm grip
-not commonly used in SA
suction tips
-yankaur (bottom)
gillies needle holder
-scissors included
-no box lock or ratchet
-difficult to drive through tough tissues
balfour retractor
smooth thumb forceps
-more traumatic than rat toothed
-move dressings, remove sutures, grasp swabs
-pencil grip
backhaus towel clamp
-attaches drape to skin
-contaminated once placed
scalpel handles
size 3 - 10, 11, 12, 15 blades (small blades with different angles and points)
-size 4 - 20, 21, 22, 25 (bigger, broader blades)
mayo scissors
-straight -> cutting tissues near surface
-curved -> cutting deeper, within cavity
-sharp or blunt dissection
-tough fascia/CT
metzenbaum scissors
-delicate surgical scissors
-long shank:blade
-tungsten carbide available
bandage scissors
-angled with blunt tip to avoid injuring skin
-bottom blade longer
halstead mosquito forceps (hemostat)
-fine tip
-transverse grooves on whole surface
-small vessels
kelly forceps
-heavier than mosquito
-transverse grooves on distal surface
-moderate sized vessels
crile forceps (hemostat)
-transverse grooves on whole surface
-moderate sized vessels
mayo hegar needle holder
-most common
-needle locked by box lock and ratchet
-tripod or palm grip
olsen hegar needle holder
-scissors included
-lack of box lock
-may cut suture material by accident
allis tissue forceps
-small teeth with ratchet
-don't use on skin or viscera, only tissue to be removed
-very traumatic
gelpi retractor (self-retaining)
-1 set of tips
-soft tissue
-minimal contact and minimal trauma
gosset retractor
surgical swabs
-cotton gauze
-predetermined number in each pack
-count in and out!