Biomedical Engineering Essay

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Advancements in the field of biomedical engineering have greatly improved the techniques and effectiveness of surgical methods of treatment of most types of cancer. Work done by biomedical scientists and engineers have allowed for the formulation of innovative and/or improved treatments that utilize modern technology in order to solve medical challenges faced in the field of oncology.
Such advancements have made it possible to remove tumours that would otherwise have been a great risk to patient health if even an attempt was made to remove it through conventional surgery. The work done has also allowed for a larger proportion of the tumour to be removed, greatly reducing the chance for resurgence of the cancer in that body area of the patient. As a result of this progress in medicine, more cancer patients have a greater chance of recovery and access to a greater quality of life.
Surgical Treatment
I. Robotic Surgery
Biomedical engineers have done a large measure of development in the field of robotics and its applications in medicine as it has prime capabilities beyond regular industrial engineering applications (Placeholder6). As such specialist surgeons now have the ability to perform ‘robotic surgery’ through machinery termed ‘robots’ designed by biomedical and electrical engineers. A robot is defined as a computerized system with a mechanical construction (generally an arm) capable of interacting with its environment. In its rudimentary form, it contains sensors, which provide feedback on the robot’s current
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This association ensures the patient receives the best healthcare and greatest chance of recovery which is the primary objective of the healthcare

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