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Top Management
Anility to enhance his or her power, build a power base, and establish the right connections in the organizations
Political Competence
Ability to enhance his/her power, build a power base, and establish the "right" connections in the organization
Political Competence
Name the 4 types of supervisor competency
Technical, Interpersonal, Conceptual, Political
Social Responsibility
Long-term goals
Whose in top management
chairman of the board, president, etc
Oversees work of operative employees
All organizations share 3 common characteristics-
Ability to disgnose and analyze complex situations
_________ is the measure of the extent to which society accepts the fact that power in institutions and organizations is distributed unequally
power distance
Middle Management
Establish/Meet GOALS
__________ and __________ will make up a significantly larger share of the workforce
minorities and women
Social Obligation
Meeting economic and legal responsibilities
_________________ is critical to the success for supervising others in the global village.
Globalization/culture enviornments
Social Responsiveness-

Right and wrong
Years that represent the Gen X'ers
work with, understand, communicate, motivate people individually and in groups
interpersonal competence
Countries that represent QUANTITY OF LIFE
Venezuela, Columbia, Pakistan, Singapore, The Phillippeans
Studies have indicated that more than ___ of all companies that downsized had problems with ______ and those remaining in the organization ______________________.
employee morale
mistrusted management
Companies are implementing change programs to ______________
reach goals of greater efficiency and reduced costs
Results of downsizing:
1. higher incident of disability
2. little positive effect on company earnings or stock market performance
Countries that represent QUALITY OF LIFE
Great Britian, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand
A formal document that states an organizations primary values and the ethical rules it expects to follow
Code of Ethics
Specialized knowledge of an area
technical competency
Years that represent the baby boomers
late 1940's - early 1960's
Name the 4 management functions:
Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling
The single most important human resource issue in organizations today may be ________________ and ___________ in light of workforce diversity.
adapting organizational policies and practices
What are the years that represent the mature workers
Prior to 1946