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estar salvo de
to be safe from
to be
merecer la pena
to be worth the pain
guy, man
to waste
to afflict, to bother
perder la ilusion
to lose interest
poner (algo) en bandeja
to put something on a plate; to make it easy for somone
pasar revista
to review
to feel satisfied, complete, happy
la faceta
facet; aspect of something that should be considered
llevar a cabo
to do something; to conclude something
mareo; marearse
to be sick to your stomach; to throw up
pay; reward
to face a problem
lack of moisture; lack of saliva (dryness of the mouth)
extreme fatigue
lack of energy; apathy
associated with; paired with
things that you drink or eat
en un dos por tres
in an instant; in very little time
hacer volar
to fly; to explode
pact, agreement
to make a solemn promise; to swear
when there is a lot of confusion or noise; jumbled cluster; mass of people
no saber ni jota de
to have no idea about something; to be completely lack knowledge about something
to dismantle; to disasemble; to disarm
to throw away something you don't want; to dispose of something
oscuro/a como boca de lobo
when there is no light whatsoever; total darkness
to plant
jornada partida/continua
half/full work day
movement; displacement
to bind
accident; disaster; catastrophe
saucepan, pan
tomar algo a bien/mal
to take something well/badly
tomar a broma/risa
to take as a joke
tomar a pecho
to take to heart
tomar aliento
to catch one's breath
tomar en serio
to take seriously
tomar la palabra
to take the floor
tomar partido por
to side with
tomar la delantera
to get ahead of
tomarle el pelo
to pull someone's leg
tomarselo con calma
to take it easy
esta despejado/claro
it's clear
esta nublado
it's cloudy
estar a sus anchas
to be comfortable
estar calado/mojado hasta los huesos
to be soaked through the skin
estar como el pez en el agua
to be right at home
estar con el alma en un hilo/en vilo
to be in suspense
estar de mas/de sobra
to be in excess
estar en condiciones
to be in good shape, be able (to do something)
estar en la luna
to have one's head in the clouds
estar en las nubes
to be in the clouds, daydreaming
estar fuera de si
to be beside oneself emotionally (positive and negative)
estar hecho polvo
to get worn out
estar hecho una fiera
to get furious
estar hecho una sopa
to get soaked
estar loco de atar/de remate
to be completely crazy
estar sin blanca
to be flat broke
echar a perder
to ruin, spoil
echar chispas
to be furious, get angry
echar de menos
to miss
echar flores
to flatter, sweet talk
echar la bronca a uno
to scold someone, to get angry with someone
echar la culpa
to blame
echarse a
to start to
echarselas de
to fancy oneself as, boast of being
dar a
to face
dar a luz un nino
to give birth
dar asco
to disgust
dar calabazas
to jilt; to flunk
dar carta blanca a uno
to give someone a free hand; carte blanche; to leave something to someone else's discretion
dar cuerda a
to wind
dar con
to find; run into
dar de comer/beber
to feed/give drink to
dar el golpe de gracia
to finish someone off, give the coupe de grace
dar gritos
to shout
dar guerra
to cause, make trouble
dar la hora
to strike the hour
dar la lata
to make a nuisance of oneself
dar las gracias
to thank
dar por sentado
to take for granted; regard as settled
dar rienda suelta a
to give free reign to
dar un abrazo
to hug, embrace
dar un paseo
to take a walk, ride
dar una vuelta
to take a walk, ride
dar vueltas a algo
to think something over, thoroughly examine
darse cuenta de
to realize
darse la mano
to shake hands
darse por vencido
to give up
darse prisa
to hurry
hace+time expression+preterit
hace buen/mal tiempo
it's good/bad weather
hace calor/frio
it's hot/cold
hace viento
it's windy
hacer caso
to pay attention, heed
hacer (buenas) migas
to hit it off with someone
hacer de las suyas
to be up to one's old tricks
hacer un papel
to play a role
hacer juego
to match
hacer la vista gorda
to turn a blind eye, pretend not to notice
hacer las paces
to make peace
hacer epoca
to be sensational, attract public attention
hacer pedazos (anicos)
to break to pieces
hacer su agosto
to make a killing
hacer un viaje
to take a trip
hacerse+profession, status, etc.
to become
hacerse dano
to hurt oneself
hacerse tarde
to become late
hacersele agua la boca
to make someone's mouth water
ir al grano
to go straight to the point
ir de juerga
to be out on a spree
ir sobre ruedas
to run smoothly
ir tirando
to fly by
llevar a cabo
to carry out
llevar la contraria
to take an opposite point of view; contradict
llevar lena al monte
to do something pointless; stupid
llevarse como el perro y el gato
to be always squabbling
llevarse un chasco
to be disappointed
quedar boquiabierto
to be left agape in bewilderment
quedarse con
to keep
quedarse con el dia y la noche
to be left penniless
quedarse de una pieza
to be dumbfounded
quedar en
to agree on
quedarse sin blanca
to be flat broke, to go broke