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Monsoon Rains
form when rain sweeps over the Ganges-Brahmaputra elta and are blocked by the Himalayas; move west to Ganges Plain
European Colonization
introduced English, educational system, built railroads, developed civil service, converted many to Islam
Mohandas Gandhi
fought peacefully for India's independence in the 1900s, which was granted in 1947
Event in 1947
India became two independent countries, Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan
Event in 1971
Eastern Pakistan revolted against Western Pakistan and became Bangladesh
Mongol Empire effects on religion
converted many to Islam after dominating India
Islamic States
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives
Countries with Nuclear Weapon developments
US, Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, Israel
Countries that abandoned Nuclear Weapon developments
South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Algeria, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North Korea
seasonal winds that cause 3 seasons; warm temps heat air, air rises and changes wind direction n hot season, moist ocean air moves from south to bring monsoon rains
Hot Season
late February to June
Wet Season
June/July to September
Cool Season
October to late February
Indus River Valley civilizatoin
2500 BC; developed writing system, central gov, thriving overseas trade, cities, plumbing, sanitation
hunters and herders that entered the Indus River Valley
Mauryan Empire
320-180 BC; ruled all but Southern India; promoted Buddhism and non-violence
Gupta Empire
320-550; Hindu civilization; advanced in science, technology, and art; created Arabic numerals; many converted to Islam under Mongolian influence
Hindu word for empire; formed by British, who introduced English, railroads, and many good influences
Main Art Forms
Calligraphy, Pagodas, Haiky
Ganges Plain
has the highest concentration of people; world's largest alluvial plain
Monarchy Government
Nepal and Bhutan
overall this is declining due to religious and political conflicts in many areas
these separate South Asia from the rest of asia and protected Nepal and Bhutan from outside influece until the 1900s
Eastern and Western Ghats
block rainfall to the Deccan Plauteau