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Six core principles

Procedural Compliance

Questioning Attitude

Forceful Backup


Level Of Knowledge


3 Supporting Processes


Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief

Incident Reporting

Successful supervisors and operators

Ensure procedures are readily available, frequently referenced, and strictly adhered to

Questioning attitude

A critical thinking skill and an exercise in vigilance

A key question

What is wrong with this picture

Forceful backup

When employed effectively, unclear orders are questioned and clarified

Formality in day to day operations is evidenced by

Clear concise orders and verbatim repeating of commands to eliminate the potential for misinterpretation

Well trained and disciplined operators

Follow procedures thoughtfully, vice blindly, and understand the expected system response when taking an action


Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching

Risk management

Does not mean risk avoidance

Hazard identification

What could go wrong here

Intention of Incident reporting process

Share lessons learned with the fleet, not to assign blame

1st step when something goes wrong

Gather involved operators and key supervisors

2 Distinct Watchstanding Chains of command

Operational and Administrative

Problems with Operation and material conditions

Must first be reported to the operational chain of command

Properly taken log must be

Chronological, Historical, and Current

Any material not properly stowed

Becomes a missile hazard in a combat environment or in the event of a terrorist attack

Eight o clock reports and Night Orders

Provide supervisory personnel with a list of equipment and systems that are out of commission or have limits that restrict their operation

Notify supervisors when

Space thermometers reach 100F if you are standing less than 5 hour watches, and 90F if you are standing 5 hour watches or greater

Who can authorize bypassing of safety devices or interlocks